Laundry Room Cabinet Cover

You all heard me admit last week that I am a terrible sewer. And its true…except when the projects are super easy. By easy I mean, seriously easy. I made a simple cover out of some fabric I get for a steal from SAS, and I love it! I simply cut it to size, sewed the edges in for a nice clean look, and made a slot for the pole to go into.

To get the cabinet ready, my handy hubby installed two hooks and a small galvanized metal dowel {that he cut to size with a hack saw} that we got at Home Depot. 

 Here is what I have been looking at for weeks:

Thats our paint sprayer sitting on the sink:)

This is now my view:

I love love love it! Its super simple, but yet fun at the same time. When I need to get the detergents or products out, I simply reach in or throw the flap up. I contemplated making the curtain a two panel curtain, but then I was afraid I would always leave one side open a little too much and constantly be looking at all thats inside. And for those of your who have been asking about the faucet, here is a closeup. We got it {here} on eBay.

Hope you guys like it! And I hope it encourages all of you who said you are terrible at sewing as well. Start with simple projects and it will boost your confidence!



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    Good job, and I’m going to assume that you didn’t cry during the process. Here’s a tip: always make a curtain 1 and 1/2 to 2 times the width of the space you are trying to cover. That way it is full and will cover up a slit, or space that isn’t closed all the way. Another thing I have learned: When you used something bigger than the rod you used, the rod, or wooden pole takes up way more space in that little casing than you will Ever imagine. Can you cross the laundry room off your list now? Ann

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    Yay! So glad you guys didnt think i was silly for being proud of such a simple project:):) Ann- thanks for the tips. And as for checking it off..kinda! At least for right now its checked off, but we are going to build an awesome shelving unit in there, but that wont be for a little while.


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    What a gorgeous sink, cabinet, faucet (I especially love the faucet!!) and now that panel you made is simply perfect. Way to go!

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    Oh & btw I like that it isn’t all scrunched up. I think the flat panel gives it a unique and special look that fits the style of the piece.

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    Pine tree- We love our Bona. Our guy who installed our floors said that it was the best one for solid hardwood. We vacuum everywhere first, and then Bona. I use the different solutions for the wood and then for the tile. Its great!


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