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You guys know what is so funny to me? The fact that because you always hear ‘my voice’ on this blog, that so many people think that I am the magic maker for our home flips. A lot of people think that Jeremy sticks to more of the traditional realtor side of it, and I do all the designing and such. But want to know a little secret? That is all wrong:) While I do have my roles, they by no means are the main player in the projects. We always tag team homes with another couple, so they play their parts in it {totally ranges from home to home}, and then my part normally is the fun stuff! I get to help with the design, and the shopping! Today I am going to be talking about how Sears Home Appliances and Services makes it easy for me to do so!

One flip we have going right now is actually making really good headway. It is almost totally finished with Demo {I KNOW I need to get on the ball and show you it!}, so now its time to pick out all the details, which include appliances. Since we do each home differently, we don’t have a go-to for our appliances. Some homes need specific things like a brass hood, some we want all things stainless. For this home, lets call it Hollywood. Jeremy sent me out to find some great appliance deals, and I ended up at Sears Home Appliances and Services. I called ahead after looking online at their deals going on, and spoke to the sweetest lady named Amy. She let me set up a time to come in uninterrupted and chat about the specifics. Well, as uninterrupted as can be, because this is real life, and in real life I don’t have a nanny, so the boys came along too:)


I was so thankful to be working with someone like Amy because not only did she know her stuff when it came to all the options I was looking at for Hollywood, she also was so kind and patient with my boys. Don’t get me wrong, they are good kids, but they are in to everything!

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Not only did we walk through each appliance I had checked out ahead online, but Amy also showed me some that weren’t even on my radar. She then sent me an email with every one we checked out so I would have an easy access point to show them all to Jeremy later. While my job is to pick them out for the flips, I still love getting his A-ok on them! After all, we are a team.

There were a few that I fell in love with, and I basically wanted to take home this whole Kenmore Pro kitchen line!


At the end, Amy went above and beyond and when she gave me her business card, she even wrote her personal number on it should I have any questions or issues. Who does that these days?! So sweet! Thanks Amy for taking such great care of us, and for allowing my boys to be silly kids! And thank you for not making our experience anything like this funny video!


So yes, while I do help with every home flip we do- I don’t want to ever give the impression that I do it all. There are not enough hours in the day that would allow me to be as involved as I would need to be to do all the design on my own. And the way Jeremy’s brain works with having a vision from day one of a complete mess of a home is WAY better than mine would be! So thankful I married that man, for a million reasons:)

Have you ever had a customer service experience that just blew you away? I love hearing positive stories like that! Comment below if you do, I would love to read it.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears Home Appliances and Services.


  1. Vanessa says

    I think that you are really good about sharing the credit. You have made it very clear that Jeremy has a lot of it worked out in his head or scribbled on a napkin. I’m aware that the other couple works with you and does the staging. You’ve done well at sharing the props!

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