Peppermint Grapefruit Sugar Scrub Recipe

Ok, so I fully recognize the fact that Arizona isn’t quite as cold as it is elsewhere, BUT it has been pretty cold here lately. And with that cold weather comes some dry skin, cracked hands, and just a need for TLC in general. A friend on my oil team posted this amazing recipe for a Peppermint Grapefruit Sugar Scrub, and I had to try it. And holy crap- I am glad I did. This is now my go-t0 for dry hands, rough patches on arm, rough lips, heck anywhere!!


The recipe is SO easy and simple, only requiring a few things:

-1 Cup Coconut Oil
-1 Cup White Sugar
-1/4 C Juice from grapefruit
-Zest from 1 Grapefruit
-30 Drops Young Living grapefruit essential oil
-10 Drops Young Living Peppermint essential oil
-1/4 teaspoon beet juice (for color)

In a medium mixing bowl, combine coconut oil and sugar. Mix on medium speed until creamy. Add the grapefruit juice, zest, essential oils and beet juice and mix again until blended. You can change up the ingredients to get the consistency you desire. For instance, if you prefer a coarser scrub, add more sugar…If you want a smoother scrub, add more coconut oil. It is fun to play around and tweak it to your liking!

peppermint grapefruit sugar scrub /

Not only does it work amazing but it smells amazing and gives you the best tingle. The peppermint wakes you up and the grapefruit has a million benefits {just google grapefruit essential oil, your mind will be blown!}

If you are looking to have a day of pampering for yourself, take it up a notch and make a big batch so your friends can enjoy this as well! Perfect for a sweet little Valentines Day gift!
peppermint grapefruit sugar scrub / peppermint grapefruit sugar scrub /

If you are need more info about oils and starting this awesome health journey, shoot me a comment, or an email to I would love to help!

-All photos and recipe by Happy Oiler Brooke Petersen

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