Willo Home Flip Exterior

Were here at the final post of the Willo Home Flip! The exterior on this home had a HUGE makeover! This is how it was when we first got it:

IMG_5786 IMG_5787

And after we got our hands on it:
Almeria-003 Almeria-004

To start, the front had no character or true front porch, so that was one of the first things we changed. We also cleaned up the landscaping, added shutters, and painted. I know you guys know this already- but man what a difference some paint makes!

The back porch also took on a huge transformation. Heres what we started with:


And ended with:

Almeria-044 Almeria-043 Almeria-046

I love that this space is totally big enough to have a dining table, couches, you name it! Outdoor dining is especially where its at when its this gorgeous in AZ, and when you have messy kids;)

The backyard in general took on a huge transformation. It was pretty overrun and beat-up.

IMG_5818 IMG_5819

And now this is what you see:

Almeria-047 Almeria-048 Almeria-049

And finally the garage. We didn’t do much to the inside, but the outside got a little TLC:)

IMG_5820 Almeria-051

And that is Willo sweet friends! For a full breakdown on the home, check out the posts below:

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