10 Must Haves For Your Hospital Bag: Mommy Edition


Last week I showed y’all what I packed in the hospital bag for baby girl, and today is all about mamas needs! Like I said with her bag, I wanted to keep it simple and with things that I truly will need. I forgot to throw in there one essential though- slippers! The floors of the hospital room are cold and prob. nasty- so definitely pack a pair of slippers or socks:)

Other than that, here are all the things I will be using daily while there. I hope this helps you prepare your bag for your sweet little ones arrival.

1: Ingrid and Isabel Active Legging– I loved these leggings during my pregnancy {as well as the Blanqi ones} and I think they will still be my BFF as my tummy will be all mushy for awhile. Love the feeling of tightness and support it will give me. Also, black- ALL BOTTOMS black for awhile in case of ‘anything’ showing through;)

2: Flannel Shirt– I personally love wearing tank tops a ton in the beginning, since nursing happens so dang often. BUT the hospital rooms get cold, so I love throwing in a cute flannel to wear over my tank. Soft, stylish, and nursing friendly.

3: Blanqi Maternity support tank– I wore this tank quite a big when my belly was a little smaller {since I got it at Last Chance I didn’t have sizes to choose from, so it was a little too snug towards the end}. But man, I know I am going to love it after having her. There is something so nice about feeling nice and ‘tucked in’ when your belly feels like mush after delivery, so this will be perfect.

4: Gentle Babies book– This is my go-to guide to oils for pregnancy/labor/baby, so I definitely am bringing it along.

5: Comfy jammies set– For the first time ever, I finally treated myself to a new set of jammies specifically for wearing after this baby. There is something so nice about wearing new clothes, so I wash this set, and have packed them away for after having baby girl. Esp. that first day in the hospital, I want only comfy and easy access for nursing.

6: Adornlee weekender bag – this bag is incredible you guys! It is so sturdy, big, and most of all- cute. I have a feeling this will be my go-to bag for all things quick weekend trips.

7: Young Living oils- I rounded up the most common oils i’ll be needing for delivery and some for the baby afterwards. I’ll do a full post on these and how I used them ASAP!

8: Shrinx belly wrap– this is new to me- and I am so excited. I didn’t use anything like this after having Bray, and then after Winston I borrowed a version of this from a friend. This one has great reviews on Amazon {basically all things like this have mixed reviews in there too} and was a great price compared to most. I am hoping it will give me a ton a support during healing!

9: YooToo nursing bra– this maternity/nursing bra is so dang comfy! And I love their mission ‘yootoo creates innovative clothing for pregnant and nursing mothers and supports mothers everywhere

Our commitment to supporting mothers extends beyond just our local communities, though. We partner with Every Mother Counts, which aims to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for mothers all over the world.’

10: Young Living diffuser- I have a few blends that I plan on diffusing during the delivery, and also for after. Not only will this help emotionally, but who in their right minds enjoys the way a hospital smells?! I am planning on having the most calm and beautiful smelling room on the floor;)

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