Our Newest Flip!


It is about dang time I show y’all this flip we have going right now, considering the demo is all done already and we are moving forward fast!

We haven’t had a flip going for awhile now just because there hasn’t been the right home, but this one is SO right and SO good! This home was built in the 1950’s and has so much character in it. Some of the character it has is amazing and will stay, some [cough, cough, the blue carpet] will go asap!

The home when we got it was 3,200 sq ft., but when we are done with it will actually be more like 2,900 because we are removing an addition to it [you’ll see why!] So without further ado, here are all the Before’s!

img_7693 img_7632

This, this is definitely staying! Such a fun little entrance to the front door. img_7684 img_7679

We were actually trying really hard to be able to keep that light fixture too, but our guys made a mistake and took it down and it broke. Wahhh wahhh img_7678

We are opening up some serious walls, so this front room will open up even more than it is now, creating a beautiful grand living space!


And the kitchen is getting a FULL revamp!

img_7652 img_7646

As is the Laundry room:)


This is the addition we took away. It used to be a back porch, and they enclosed it in, and we are bringing it back to its original state- but even better! It was pretty awkward, a sunken down room with low ceilings, and just weird in general. The backyard is already looking 10x better now that we took this away. img_7645

The bedrooms all had different colored carpets, and all were just as bold as the next one;)

img_7658 img_7674

The hall bath is getting a full overhaul as well, because….

img_7656 img_7660

And then theres the Master bedroom. This room is going to be so dramatically different I cannot stand it!! The bathroom is allllll gone, the closet is not the same, the room is going to be dang magical when its done! We are however keeping the phone left behind, because doesn’t everyone need one of those now?!


This was the master bath and closet. The bathroom had carpet [!!!!!] and the shower wasn’t even high enough for Jeremy to fully stand up in! Were people shorter in the 50’s or something?!

img_7666 img_7669 img_7663

On the other side of the house there is a large room that can either be used as a second living space, or the new owners could turn it in to a big bedroom! I love that they have that option, because for each family- one or the other makes way more sense! So depending on what they do, the house is either a 4 or 5 bedroom home.

img_7639 img_7640

And finally the backyard, which is going to get a serious landscape overhaul. And the size is even bigger now since taking away the addition!

img_7689 img_7687

Life with three kiddos makes me even more irregular in my blogging frequency, but I am going to keep you guys updated on this home as frequently as possible- because it is going to be so good once finished!! Can’t wait!


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