New York

Jeremy and I were so blessed this month to be able to go to New York just the two of us! This was our first vacation just us two since our honeymoon (over 1 yr 8 mon ago!!) We had SO much fun. We stayed with two different friends and they were amazing to A.let us stay with them B. be the best city tour guides ever! It was a packed 5 days of eating,drinking,shopping, doing some tourist things, but mostly just enjoying the time together. We were also excited because we got to eat at Tavern of the green before it closes its doors on Dec.31 after 75 years!! Honestly though, the service sucked! But i guess its about the experience right?! After being there two days we both decided never NY in the winter again, how can you expect an AZ girl to handle 23deg. temperatures with intense winds. I was so miserably cold those first two days, but then it got to an amazing high of 50 by our last day. Here are some photos of the fun we had…and we cant wait to go back(maybe next time in the Spring!!)

(amazing italian hot chocolate from Max Brenner- seriously so good that i made sure we went there twice!)

(Our friend Eric “BonBonz” that we stayed with for part of the trip)

(Katz deli, a scene from When Harry met Sally was filmed here:)

(The INCREDIBLE tree at Rockefeller Center. It honesly took my breath away. After seeing this we grabbed some Dean and Deluca coffee and then went on our carriage ride through Central Park, and then to dinner at Tavern- such a romantic night)


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    Looks like such an awesome trip, so glad you guys got to do that together. Addy- you are such a desert rat and would never survive without the sunshine…. Great pics and great story.

    (PS- I leave in 11 days for NYC, you gotta shoot me some ideas/places you liked/things to do etc)

    Thanks for sharing!

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    NOW, I found your blog! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Jared and I went to New York for our first vacation after our honeymoon too, also in December. Isn’t it just magical during Christmas? We absolutely loved it! It was fun to see your pictures and reminisce.

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