Cali girls trip, the puppers, and 2 YEARS!!

I did a lot of this this past weekend…
and this…
and this…
and this…
but I also got some time in for this…
which equals a PERFECT weekend!
This past Thursday  I went to San Diego with Kylie and Melissa to stay with our amazing friend Brittany and her roomie Kelly. Our other friends (old and new;) ) Kelly and Whitney came on Friday to join. It was seriously one the best weekends ever. We talked and laughed ourselves silly. Such incredible convos with these beautiful ladies- I still am feeling blessed from it. We shopped, went to the beach, ate and drank too much, danced till we couldn’t anymore, and got sore abs from laughing so hard. I am constantly amazed at how much Christ loves me, and how He shows it by blessing me with such just unbelievable girlfriends. Thank you ladies for some memories I will never forget (which says a lot for what a bad memory I have!) PS- my shoulders are still freaking sore from dancing with my arms in the air entirely too much!!
We also got Boomer a couple of weeks ago. He just melts my heart. He has been so great! He is completely opposite of Honey as a puppy. She was/still is CrAzY, but he is sooo mellow! Hallelujah! 

Don’t you just wanna kiss him too much!?

Both of our babies..with peanut butter on their noses 
Lastly, it was mine and J’s TWO YEAR anniversary on April 12th! I cannot believe it has been that long, and yet I also can’t imagine having lived life without him before- does that make sense at all?! He is simply the best. We went to Tommy Bahamas again this year, I think its going to be our tradition because we did it last year as well. It is always SO fun to see all of my old friends there and catch up, but at the same time be able to have a romantic delicious dinner with my babeh.
(We forgot to take pics at Tommy’s, so our kitchen with the puppies it is!)
Love, Adri
(Every amazing photo on this post was taken by the ones of J and I are just mine… you can’t tell the difference at all right?!?!)


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