What we’ve been up to lately

Summer is miserable in Phoenix. I seriously question why we live here everytime summer rolls around. I hate that we basically can’t do anything outside except for swimming (which J isn’t a huge fan of).  So what do I do to keep myself happy??

{one of my many dream kitchens}

Ive been cooking with everything in season-which means lots of delicious berry, peach, and nectarine desserts.

(For some reason I cant get the photos to load- so just trust me and click on the links to make these beauties)

Try this amazing nectarine, marscapone, and gingersnap tart from Smitten KitchenOr try this peach crumble from  The KitchnFinally try these heavenly beef taquitos from Our Best Bites.

Read great books-

{With a lattee in hand life doesn’t get much better}

Doesn’t that just equal summer! All of them to date have been silly girl books, so I figure I need to throw one informational one in there:)

I’ve read Nicolas Sparks- The Choice and At First Sight
Candace Bushnell- One Fifth Avenue
Emily Giffin- Heart of the Matter
and up next is Sharon Jaynes- Becoming the Woman of His Dreams.

Something I am super excited about is that in about a week i’ll be getting my first order from A bar H Farms. I am mainly excited about their pastured eggs (read here why they are WORLDS better), but even some of their beef (all grass fed) is only $1-2 more than at a grocery store, so definitely getting some of that!

Finally, we got a roommate. His name is Eric, boyfriend to a friend Alex of ours, and he just moved here from Texas. He is interning at Praxis and going to Phoenix Seminary (both walking distance from our house). So far its been great!!

All things random, but thats life right?!


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