Thrift Store Finds:Hamilton Print Cabinet Drawer

There are two thrift stores that I frequent: Goodwill and Savers. I love that Goodwill lets you print out 20% off your whole purchase coupons, and that Savers gives you a coupon every time you donate something {yesterday my coupon was $3 off a total of $10 or more}. I usually find better stuff at Goodwill, but yesterday I feel like I hit the jackpot at Savers. I found a Hamilton print cabinet drawer. Now obviously it really would have been the jackpot if I had found a whole cabinet, but I was pretty giddy about a single drawer as well:)

Here it is:

To some this may not look like much, but to me-OooOo I love it. Obviously y’all know we are pretty big fans of pieces with lots of compartments {here and here}and this guy is just perfect for little knick-knacks. 

I got the Hamilton drawer for $6.99, well really, less than that because I bought other stuff too, so I got to use my nifty coupon!

Once I got it home, I cleaned out the dust and dirt, and went searching through the house for things that would fit. For now it just has wine corks {many with dates written on the bottom because they were special occasions while J and I were just dating} and some fun chess pieces that I had gotten at Goodwill for $.99 for the bag of them. Also we added some hooks to the back so that we could hang it on the wall.

Heres how it turned out:

I obviously need to accumulate more things that will fit, but for now its pretty fun. I like that I have some corks in there that have meaning, and then also some corks that are embarrassing {can anyone say “Two buck chuck!”}

Would you love this in your house too? Any ideas of other small things to fit?



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    I have one of these type boxes too that I got at a flea market this summer. I’m still waiting for inspiration to strike…and time to do something with it! Your’s is very cool. I especially like the chess pieces.

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    Gosh, Adri! You are so creative! So I was telling Sloan the other day that I need help with our house so bad! Then he said, “why don’t you have Adrianne come over an help you.” Then he saw the look of shame on my face, and he said..” Get over your pride, her house is amazing!” lol, he totally knew how jealous I am of your amazing taste and eye for great decor!

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    Thanks guys! Jessie- I love yours with the shells! My mom is obsessed with shells too, she would totally do what you did with yours! Im jealous that you have a “collection” of the drawers, lucky girl!
    Mar- youre crazy!! You have SUCH great style, fahsion and home, i dont see how your house could need “help”. And besides, J is the real talent here, not me my friend. I dont know how much help i would be to anyone,because most of the things I find or do, happen by mere chance to work out well!

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    I have two of these drawers and one partial piece. I don’t have a picture on my blog yet of the bigger ones, but I keep thimbles, pins, doll house dishes, shells, and mini Hallmark ornaments in mine. I’ve also used matchbooks and even Lego or Playmobile toys in the past. I love them!

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