Ceiling Fan Dillema

We love our house.
We love that it has a lot of character.
We love keeping as much of it original as possible.

We hate our ceiling fans.

We have already replaced two of the fans, one in our bedroom, and one in the family room. The rest of the rooms are left with this:

Now technically these fans are totally fine. They work great, have lighting options, and were included in the house {so no additional cost}. But we hate the look of them. So heres my question for y’all: Which option would you do?
  1. Get over it, and just be happy we have them in general
  2. Paint the gold white, so its not as gross looking
  3. OR, just bite the bullet and get new fans
Would love to hear your opinions as to what to do. Im tired of looking at them, but also not wanting to spend the money for new ones, when these work great. 


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    We had the same problem. Every room had a fan in our house, even the kitchen. We have gotten rid of all of them and replaced them with lighting fixtures. What a difference.

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    You are the Queen of spray paint, get to it! I say start looking for some new harware for them (lowes sells brackets to hold the blades on) that is a little more you and maybe a new color or new glass shades (I know there is a technical name for those but it is early and my brain is not working). I am sure those could be a garage sale/ goodwill find. I think you can fully update those for much cheaper than buying new. Ceiling fans are a must in AZ! Good luck…

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    i don’t think painting them white is going to make you like looking at them…. 🙂

    Can you replace the glass around the lightbulbs to something more interesting? I would just replace them… but totally understand if you don’t want to spend the money. don’t settle though! wait until you find something you really like!

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    i say both! Spend a small amount of money to fix em up pretty and if you still hate them, sell them on craigslist to at least cover the cost of the fix er up products and then go buy some nice new ones. We have some wretched ceiling fans in our new place that i detest

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    We have 4 ceiling fans in our house…I don’t know WHAT the craze was with those damn things, but it seems that a lot of houses have the same ones.

    We are taking all of ours down and replacing with various forms of ceiling lights.

    I’m just not a ceiling fan…fan. They buzz and click and sway and are just annoying and they collect dust and are an eyesore. We have a regular floor stand fan in our master bedroom and I prefer it over the ceiling version any day.

    That being said…before we take them down I want to find enough floor/table fans (that i actually like…) to replace all of them. There is nothing worse than being a guest in somebody’s house when they don’t have a fan! (i sleep with one every night…a wasteful habit i’ve had since i was 5…but because of this it’s the first thing i look for when i’m staying at someone’s house.)

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