Kitchen Makeover: Countertop Confusion

We have had some serious confusion, debate, disagreement, etc. over here. We cannot for the life of us decide on what countertop to choose. We need to make the decision, oh you know-yesterday!!! Here are the options for y’all, and any and all opinions, advice, whatever is welcome! Also, please keep in mind that it also costs around $30 sq.ft. for the fabrication of each slab. So add that number to the granite price and that is the true price of each one..sucky!

Remember when I said ugly photos of you go:)

At first we found a remnant piece of Kashmire White for only $6 sq.ft. Since it was a remnant, it wasn’t nearly the size of a full slab, but also- totally big enough for what we need! We weren’t in love BUT we knew it was a steal, so we went ahead and looked in to ordering it.

It sold.

Two hours before.

Moving on..

We then found two other pieces that we like, one being Bianca {honestly were not positive on the name of this one, since it was also a remnant, no tag on it!}

Of course its impossible to have to ‘true’ color show up on camera, so these photos make it look a little more tan than it actually is. BUT this beauty is only $8 sq.ft, and like I said, a remnant- which means not having to buy a full slab! Its really pretty with some white, some grey, some tan, and even some specks of red {which you’ll see later why that is great for us}.

The other option is White Ice.

White Ice is gorgeous. really really gorgeous. But its also really really $18.50 sq.ft. and its brand spanking new to everyone, which means definitely no remnants, so that means buying a full slab. They actually don’t even have it in stores until the end of the month! The reason why I like this one a little more is because i always freaking choose the most expensive option without realizing it because there is much more true white in this piece. In the other piece there is a lot of white, but in this one the main color throughout is white. And yall know how much I love white kitchens:):)

I wanted this slab to be an option, but J said NO MARBLE:EVER!

Oh, just because I like you guys..i’ll share my true favorite: SEAFOAM GREEN!!!!


This sells.

No offense to anyone that might actually like this slab, but I don’t think I could ever bring myself to buy something titled ‘Seafoam Green’.

So there it is. Do we go with the much cheaper option, when we honestly really do still like it, or do we go with the much more expensive option, but it is just oh so perfect? Advice, opinions, comments..leave em!



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    I actually really like the Bianca. It’s grain seem softer than the other one. The colors are beautiful and price is awesome. We used a remnant for ours and we saved a ton of money. We actually would have picked it even if it wasn’t a remnant. The look we wanted was of a terazzo floor against our white cabinets. It’s a tough decision, but all the choices you have our beautiful. Good luck!

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    we are talking bout a kitchen if you ever sell you have to take into consideration on what you have to offer to the buyer but i would go with what i love…your in the kitchen so much you family and friends prolly stand or sit in the kitchen when chatting…its a room that should be loved …go with your heart and won’t be a day you walk in there that your say *i wish i had………

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    So I love the white ice, but I always love the most expensive also. And, I see you went to Old World, and to AZ Tile. Both good places for granite, but I don’t know if you know, but I used to work in the tile and stone business for my Dad. We worked with a great granite company called AZ Quality Granite. They are great, they installed all the slabs we had in our showroom, and they are very friendly. If we send our clients to them they give them an additional 10% off of their slab order. Just something to throw out there if you haven’t yet decided. 🙂 Let me know if you want their info.

    And J is right, never put marble in your kitchen!! Especially white marble, ahhh big no no!!

    Have you chosen a backsplash yet? Let me know if you need any help designing one. I have done that for the last 8 years, I can draw you up one with my eyes closed 🙂

    Haha, ok and lastly, I love the Seafoam granite, haha! We had it in our last showroom and it was pretty…I don’t think I could put it in my house though.

    Good job on all this kitchen stuff! I can not wait to see it complete.

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    Hey A!
    I would go with the white ice. It looks the most like marble and from the pictures you have posted of what you like in a kitchen that looks the best. BUT I think you would like Bianca as well. It is a close second. =}

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    Well you know… the kitchen is the hub of any home I’ve ever spent much time at.. It’s not like the investment wouldn’t be put to good use. I can’t imagine that you’re moving out anytime soon.. That home is large enough to grow in to for a while… And you’ll have it for a really long time…And you’ve saved in a lot of other ways over the last few years of improving…

    i wonder which one i’m leaning toward.

    it will be beautiful either way though.. Btw – have you looked into having it leathered.. it’s freaking gorgeous that way but probably a bit more rustic than what you’re going for.

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    I am torn for you! I would normally choose the cheap one ($8 sqft) because it is close enough to what you want and saves you money. But here, you are builiding your DREAM kitchen and depending on how many sq ft. you need, what is adding a few extra hundred dollars in the long run to have the counters you REALLY want?!?! How many times in your life will you buy new kitchen counters? You might as well get the ones you love?!?!? PS… I would TOTALLY rock Sea Foam green countertops with some dark cabinets, yes please. I am that customer! 🙂

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    I agree with everyone that says to create a kitchen you will LOVE. There aren’t many times you’ll get to redo your kitchen, nor will you want to lol. AND you do find so many amazing deals on just about everything you buy anyway 🙂 Splurge a little and really enjoy it! Although all your options are beautiful and you can’t go wrong either way 🙂

    I think I’m lost on why not to have marble, lol.

    And I liked the seafoam green as well… assuming it was coordinated with the right cabinets/flooring/etc. 🙂

  8. Lynnc says

    I would go with the Bianca – it’s so similiar to the White Ice (atleast in the photos) and much cheaper. You could spend the money you’ll save on the counters on awesome lighting or stools!

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    Ahh! Why couldn’t yall have just said the same thing?! Haha, jk. We still are torn, but your opinions have definitely helped! Ill let you know soon!


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    If you don’t buy the more expensive one, the one you LOVE. I am affraid that you will walk ino your kitchen and always think about how you wish you would have just forked out the cash…cause really, in the grand scheme of things, the big picture…it’s not that much more. will you PLEASE show us the vision for the kitchen already!! im dying

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    Go with the one you totally love…you will be at this piece every day of your life in the house…go with your passion on is the jewel in the kitchen..can’t wait to see what you decide!

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    I would go with the one the Hubs and I loved…this is something you are going to look at EVERY DAY! Wouldn’t you love walking into the kitchen, pausing momentarily with a sigh and think…good grief those are some HOTT (2 T’s on purpose) looking counters! In the grand scheme of things…it’s something worth splurging on. Good luck!

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    I would go with the deal…. because I’m frugal, but yet it’s still lovely (and warmer looking, which is nice). Every time I look at the counter, I’d get giddy knowing I got it for such a good deal! lol

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    In regards to our home, when we save money we have that little bit of extra cash to either do up another room, put towards a holiday or to just generally help out with the bills and believe it or not it is actually easier than you may think to save a bit of cash where your discount countertops is concerned, whether it be by conserving energy or opting for a well priced remodel.

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    Hi, I just stumbled across your blog through a link from Tip Junkie. I am LOVING your home! I wish I had a handy husband because I would love to gut and redo a house. Love your choices! They are amazing! I had to comment here though because I am dying to know why your husband said no marble ever? Is it a taste thing or is there something more complicated with it? I’m a marble lover, that is why I ask.

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    Carrie-glad you found us!!! Hope you enjoy what you see! He said no to the marble because we’ve heard so much about how easily it scratches and stains..and knowing the kind of cook I an/I need durability!! Marble is gorgeous though!

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    You were lucky that Kashmir White remnant sold. You don’t want that stone in a kitchen. It’s one of the most porous and troublesome granites out there and will stain very easily. It’s so porous that it often cannot be sealed effectively.

    With over 2000 colors/varieties granite has a wide range of porosity and stain-resistance.

    Some granites are so dense (mostly darker colors) that they never need sealing and are nearly impossible to stain. Most granite colors fall in the mid-range being somewhat absorbent a coat of sealer will take care of any potential staining issues.

    And some granite colors (like Kashmir) are so porous they just shouldn’t be sold.

    For any slab you are considering just perform the water/lemon juice test for sealing granite countertops on a sample directly from the slab itself.

    This test will help you choose a granite that will be low maintenance and rule out stone that etches (rare, but some granites will etch).

    Good Luck!

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    Just picked slabs of White Ice for our house we are building… however am seriously considering changing to Danby Marble which has the absorption rate of granite. You’ll pay the same as White Ice for Statuary in the Danby. Wondering which you ended up picking 🙂

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