A Glimpse Of Me & Getting To Know You

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Who I Am…

I am…a wife,daughter,sister, granddaughter, and friend.
I want…a baby. More like 4 babies..just not all at once:)
I have… such a great life.
I wish…that I could sit on my front porch 24/7.
I hate…how sad life can be for those who don’t know Him.
I fear…the future, I am a total worrier. I don’t like that about myself.
I hear…voices like JJ Heller, Colbie C, Sara B. and fall in love.
I search…for balance in life. For the Lord in my life. For great DIY inspiration.
I wonder…how much life will change once having kids.
I regret…that my GMA wasn’t alive when I got married. At least she got to meet J though.
I love…the way J ‘gets’ me. Oh, and brownies.
I ache…for old people that are lonely. I want to love on all of them.
I always…Wash my face, floss&brush my teeth, and put in my pretty retainers before bed. Haha TMI?
I usually…don’t wear makeup. If you see me with mascara on, its probably a special occasion. 
I am not…athletic. Also, I am not good at doing my hair.
I dance…while I clean.
I sing…and pretend it sounds really,really good:)
I never…wish life was easier, because its all a journey that shapes us.
I sometimes..wish life was easier, but sometimes I don’t want to be shaped!
I cry…too freaking easily.
I am not always…the best about calling people back. Sorry friends!
I lose…my cool when people are mean to the ones I love.
I am confused…by the love people have for Twitter. Don’t we have enough social media already?!
I need…it to be 1 1/2 years from now, then J will be finished with his MBA:):)
I should…be more intentional with keeping up long-distance friendships.

Who Are You?

Questions from Running on Happiness

I challenge y’all to do this for yourself, whether you show it to others, or do it for your own use. It really made me think about life, challenges, etc. Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me. Now if you don’t mind..I would love to know a little about you. Please please please take a minute to fill out this survey for me. If there are any questions that you don’t want to answer, by all means- don’t. It would help me so much to be able to see where DBB should go from here. Love you all dearly!

Just so you know too- the survey is completely anonymous. So you can say whatever you want, and I will never know who its from:)

Also, if your reading this in Google Reader, you have to click through in order to do the survey. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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PS- I got some ideas for questions from the lovely Centsational Girl



  1. says

    oh and thanks for the compliment on our VERY british home…it is not our particular taste, but we are renters for just the year, so not much we can do 🙂 It is cozy though. Cant wait to gather some inspiration from your blog for when we go home (to the usa) in october. cannot wait to finally design our own home!

    the end.


  2. says

    You are too cute! Its so hard when you are renting and you want to make changes, most the time your not allowed to, and the other times you realize you shouldn’t because its not ‘yours’. Exciting that your coming back home!

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