Home Depot/ Lowes Coupons

We have had lots of people ask how we always get the 10% coupons for Home Depot or Lowes. There are two ways that we get them:

  • If only needing one or two, get them from the Post Office. They are in the ‘change of address’ packets that you get when you, well, change your address..or need 10% off:)
  • If needing lots, the best way we have found is to buy them off of eBay. A lot of the times people will sell them for $5 and you get 7-10 coupons. Especially when using them for pricey purchases, they are WELL worth it.
Image via Free Stuff Times

It doesn’t matter if you have a Lowes coupon or HD, they both will honor either! And friends, please don’t try to use that coupon above. Its just a sample..just wanted to make that clear:):) Hope this helps.



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    Good advice! FYI, all Home Depot employees have the right to discount any purchase by no more than $50… so if you forget your coupon and ask for the 10%, odds are that they’ll give it to you up to $50!

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    Just a heads up…we used to go to our post office to get the coupons also, but they must be catching on. Now in the pamphlet that used to have the coupon there is something from Home Depot, but you must sign up online to get a 10 % off coupon. This is in Pennsylvania, so your post offices may still have them!

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