Kitchen Makeover: Home Depot Kitchen Cabinets

For the whole kitchen makeover we have used Home Depot quite a bit. It is close, convenient, we can use the 10% off coupons all the time, etc. We had decided to purchase our cabinets there and were also super excited that HD was having a 20% off sale on all their in stock cabinets the weekend we went to buy them.

Now I am going to say from the start that this was not the best interaction with Home Depot.  We love going to HD, but they lost some points on this interaction. Our original plan was to try and save money by saving all the cabinets from the old kitchen that we could, and only buying new for the ones we needed.  They were stock white cabinets that HD sells, so we thought we would be golden {sense the impending doom….impending doom music}

We went ahead and purchased the additional cabinets from the line American Classics in their Satin White color. Most that we ordered were in stock, while the cabinet for the wall oven& microwave were ‘special order’. They told us that it would take about 21 days to get all the cabinets in, and that they would call us when everything was ready to be picked up.

We decided that it would be easier to just pick all of the cabinets up at once.  So J left the ordering information and paid for the cabinets… using the coupons and sale prices we saved over $400……yes thanks 30% off.

When it came time for cabinets to go in, J and I went into HD after work one night.  Now we went at around 7:30 so we know that most of the staff had probably gone home but we sat at the customer service desk for 45 minutes until someone was ‘able’ to go in the back and start pulling out all our cabinets. Once the guy said “ya, I guess I can grab them for you” he quickly added “but you know, its going to take me like 45 minutes to grab them all down, do want them tonight??”

No. Nope. We’ve been waiting already for 45 minutes, but we were hoping to get them next Thursday…..sense my frustration.  We told him of course we wanted them tonight.

Ugh.  {I am typing angry just thinking about it}

We go grab a bite to eat and return. Load them all {well at least most, some were too damaged to pick up and had to be transferred in} up and finally start smiling realizing that this is just one more thing marked off the list! Yay! That smile lasted until we got home and opened some of the boxes…

They were different {slightly, but still} then the ones we were planning on reusing from the old kitchen. Someone decided that the cabinet doors needed an extra indention…ugh…CRAP. Also, not only were they different, but about 1/2 the cabinets we were given had dents, cracks, etc. Ok, ok, lets collect our thoughts…

Thats J and Boomer collecting their thoughts:)

We quickly went through the order sheet again and found out which ones we now needed  to buy, since we weren’t going to have our kitchen be different looks of cabinets. We loaded back up the cabinets that needed to be replaced because they were damaged. We felt defeated. It also didn’t help that we did all of this starting at 8pm, going until about 11pm.  It also didn’t help that J had an extremely busy day of meetings the next day starting at 8:30, so he was up and at home depot at 5:30 AM!!! {I say he because I was in bed comfy and still asleep}.

 Luckily they had most of the additional cabinets we needed in stock, yet it took some rummaging through as a number of cabinets were damaged that were on the shelf.  We had to go to a different store to get one cabinet, but oh well.  The nice thing was HD honored the 20% sale that had since expired and also accepted the 10% off coupon, so we saved another $200 {Thats $600 total so far}  Now this post is not to bad mouth home depot, we love home depot, but it seriously looked like a wrecking ball is alive and active in their back warehouse. I mean at least half if not more of the cabinets were damaged… about wasted money…

We still were waiting on the oven cabinet and filler pieces.  They were supposed to call us when the oven cabinet came in…they didn’t.  J called one day and they said it was in.  So he picked it up and brought it home……and… guessed it ….the cabinet was dinged!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME {I sound like such a negative nancy}.  But we aren’t in the position to wait another 4 weeks to reorder this cabinet.  So although the nick is small we went ahead and had it installed.  J went back to HD and told them the situation and they took another 20% off of the cabinet {Total savings is now up to $680}. 

  • Side note here: If you receive a product that is damaged in any way, always talk to the company about it. Most times they will do some sort of compensation, whether it be another product, or money off.

In the end we ended up with all new cabinets, and poor J had to deal with the workers at Home Depot too many times. Its so weird because most of the time they treat people with respect and are very helpful, but that has so not been the case this time around, although some were helpful, others were just lazy. The one saving grace for them was that the cabinets were 30% off!

Again not going to to show you them installed until the kitchen is complete, but you can see the complete brick wall in some of the pictures above.  I promise we are getting close.


  1. says

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog 🙂 Your husband is gorgeous, and that PUPPY! I come from a ‘boxer family’ if you will, and I LOOOVE them. Great choice there. I had to substitute a pug for a boxer, just because a boxer wasn’t exactly fitting for a single 20 something gal without a yard haha.

  2. says

    Ugh, what a nightmare. Thank goodness for the good discount. Hoping the final result was worth it all 🙂 Also, LOVING the brick wall!! It turned out fabulously! 😀

  3. says

    Wow, I hate when projects that are supposed to be easy turn into nightmares. Glad things are finally resolved but what a headache…

    Brick wall looks awesome!

  4. says

    Michelle- I would say it just depends on where youre at location wise. HD is only a 3 min. drive from our house- so even when there is a prob, its super easy to fix. Lowes is about a 20 min drive, so its just not as convenient. And considering this is the first time we had bad luck with them, we prob would use them again. Hope that helps! PinkLouLou- Love that your from a Boxer family! Yes though, if we didnt have a yard I think he would go crazy! Good call!
    Angy and Krisitn- yes nightmares suck! Thanks for liking the brick, it looks so rad in person!

  5. Liz4dc says

    I had the EXACT same experience with my kitchen cabinets from Home Depot right down to the special order Microwave cabinet.

    Beyond frustrating but worth the savings.

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