Valentines Day Menu

Happy belated Valentines day! I hope you all felt extra loved yesterday<3 In case any were wondering, I actually got to cook {with a limited kitchen} valentines day dinner! Here was our menu: Filet Mignon from All Recipes
-heaven. A must make if you want a steak to taste like you ordered it from a fancy restaurant. I usually follow Emma_Lou’s review to make it perfect:)

Garlic Balsamic Asparagus from Our Best Bites
-heaven for me..not so much for J. He eats like a 2 year old boy when it comes to veggies.

Garlic Blue Cheese Mashed Potatoes from me:)
-loved by all

Bottle of Wild Horse Pinot Noir

Pecan pie from Betty Crocker
– I wrote about this pie awhile back, which means both J and I REALLY love it

We so enjoyed having a home cooked meal, and I beyond enjoyed being able to kinda use the kitchen!!!! Heres to getting it fully finished so I can cook up a storm!

Did any of you have a great food line-up for the night? Anything special get exchanged?  I even told J to not get me flowers, and instead surprise me on a random night with them. I like random flowers much more than Valentines flowers. Don’t you?  He did however get me a card…. and a snickers…..i’m such a fatty:)



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