Tis The Season To Plant..Again:)

So remember back when I posted last April that I was planting all these beautiful flowers and herbs? Well the herbs died. The flowers died {kinda by choice}. But what thtat left me with was a fresh slate, a new beginning, and huge smile on my face because I love to plant stuff.

This was the area where the vinca was growing like weeds:

The flowers actually did a fantastic job of surviving our summer and more, but J and I both totally got tired of them. We wanted something different, with a little more variety in color. Up next is what I let {so embarrassing} my little nook where I keep my herbs, turn in to. The herbs took a serious tole this summer and I just gave up. Sad story. All that pretty green up on top…thats weeds. Sick.
On to the happy part, the new babies. I got some of the most beautiful flowers ever at this great little local nursery Bakers. I love it there. Everyone is so kind, knowledgable, and helpful! I made sure to fill the red planter with flowers that have serious hope of making it through the summer, and my little black pot is planted with flowers I just couldn’t resist- even though they usually do not last half way through summer.
Apparently Honey believes in the phrase “stop and smell the roses“.
I also picked up some Organic herbs. I got the ones that I use the most: basil {two plants}, oregano, cilantro, rosemary, and italian parsley. Lets hope these make it longer than the ones from last year! I love having fresh homegrown herbs for cooking!
The man that helped me was so informative. I am like a clueless little puppy when it comes to all of this stuff. I want to know more, but I just haven’t made the time investment to research and learn it all. I relied on him for most of my decisions {other than me saying “oooo,ahhh, I love those pretty flowers!”} He told me that two things that can help anything survive through an AZ summer, or anywhere for that matter, are these two items:
Growmore:Organic fertilizer, and Super Bloom {for super blooms-duh}. He told me to simply follow the directions for amounts and sprinkle it on the top of everything before planting. Then dig and mash it around throughout the top 1/2 of all soil. Once mixed, plant flowers {or veggies, herbs, etc.} and then use a watering can that has an {per directions} appropriate amount of Super Bloom and water and water the flowers. He said that every time I water them that I should use the Super Bloom mixed in. I am not sure if this is necessary for all states, but for AZ- where its tough to keep anything alive and thriving through our summers, its great!
I cannot tell y’all how excited I was to be gardening yesterday, and actually have some more to do today {oops-didn’t buy enough flowers for the red planter!}. Hope these flowers and herbs bring some cheer to your Thursday morning!


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    Thanks for the info on Baker Nursery and keeping stuff alive in the AZ. My fiance’s grape tree and roses died last summer.

    We’re in the process of looking for a house in one of the historic districts, so hopefully we’ll have the chance to plant stuff again.

    The flowers you chose are so pretty! Good luck with them.


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