An Adrianne Proofed Room

Whats the heck do I mean?? Here is an example of what an Adrianne proofed room looks like:

That my friends is Adrianne proof! We finally got the office all painted this weekend, except for the stripes {obviously, as shown here} and this week I have the task of getting the stripes finished. Since I am known to be a little scatterbrained when doing a project, J decided to make it fool-proof and literally tape off every section that I shouldn’t paint. Haha. I walked in and was like “WOW you must think I am a new level of dumb!” But really, I don’t blame him. Once I get my tunes going and dance while I paint, I could totally see myself skipping a row and messing it all up! On a side note: I officially vote that the least fun way to paint a room is by doing stripes, but I also vote that it comes out the coolest! Be sure to check back this week on how to paint the most perfect stripes ever, or as we like to call them, FOOL PROOF stripes.

Once we get the stripes all finished we will be posting a tutorial on how to get the perfect stripes, and then eventually reveal the new office! I can’t wait to get it all finished and have a functioning office again.



  1. Anonymous says

    LOL! My husband and I JUST did this this weekend. And I was teasing him about all the little pieces of tape he put up – to remind him of where NOT to paint! I have to admit, it certainly helped me too. Our ‘weekend’ project was more work than we bargained for, but our newly striped bathroom looks amazing. Your stripes will too…and you will wonder why we don’t have more striped rooms! Good Luck!

  2. says

    Yeah! Can’t wait for your prefectly timed tutorial. I am planning on doing this to my laundry/hallway to garage with a half bath. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! P.S. Double brownie points to that husband of yours for doing all that taping. The only thing less fun than painting stripes…taping them ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. says

    Thanks guys!
    Risa- exactly what we did:) great minds think alike
    Erin- I am so glad that you are about to tackle this! It was fairly time consuming but is going to be so worth it! And yes, he is amazing. I held the laser, but he did the taping. More to come on that!
    Karen-oh no! im so sorry!!!!! that is so beyond frustrating
    Excited to show yall the outcome when its finished!!

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