Because I love you, and because some of you might be hiding under a rock, i’m telling you about Pinterest today.

So back when J and I were trying to decide what to call this little blog of ours {instead of just our last name} we were using our Dream Book to jot down all of our inspiration into. To this day we still use it, but now a whole lot less. The second I discovered Pinterest I knew it was going to be a love/hate relationship. LOVE because its like a virtual Dream Book for me, HATE because it was another internet ‘thing’ I was totally getting sucked in to.

Pinterest is where you can keep all the images, recipes, party ideas, hairstyles, whatever floats your boat, in ONE place. When you see something online, anywhere online {obviously no porn sites you sickos!} you can ‘Pin’ it. Then you put it into whatever board you created, so it keeps it all organized. Currently my boards are:

  • Office
  • Food
  • Bedrooms
  • DIY projects
  • Living spaces
  • Kitchen love
  • Bathroom envy
  • All things baby
  • Random inspiration

I’m sure the more pinning I do, the more boards I will create. Also, once big holidays come up I will totally have boards for them. It is so nice because there used to be so many times where I would save an image from somewhere, and later lose the site. Then I always debate “well crap, do I post the image and just say unknown, or do I go without it?!”. With Pinterest it saves the source automatically to the image, so you will never be able to forget again! Hooray for hopefully better sourcing for everyone! Here is an example of what my screen looks like when I sign-in:

I know, doesn’t that image make you want to go RIGHT now and sign up! Thats another thing about it, you have to request to be a member. I don’t think that actually say no to anyone, but they still make you wait 1-2 weeks before they give you access. It’s like your back in High School and just waiting to see if the group of cool kids is going to end up inviting to into their group, except these cool kids are nice and always will:)

Overall, Pinterest is amazing. You should definitely, without a doubt, for sure- sign up now. If you want to start somewhere with it, you can begin by ‘following’ me, and then spiral out of control from there:):)

HAPPY WEEKENDDDDDDD {can you tell i’m excited its Friday?!}

PS- I guess Young House Love just did a scarily similar post on Pinterest this week {or at least very recent}, I swear I had no idea until J just told me! Sorry if this is a repeat of info for y’all:)



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    Thanks for the info.! I will definitely have to check it out. The images I save now are not organized at all! It’s like a little spring cleaning for the internet! ha ha! I’m a new follower- love your blog!

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    I’m a new reader, but I think I’ve read 3 different posts about Pinterest this week – which I’ve been thinking about joining – so I think I’m going to take the plunge!

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