AZ Stores Week: Rust & Roses AND Figs

Y’all ready to meet my favorite store in Phoenix?! Don’t get me wrong, there are others that I absolutely love still, but this bad boy is my favoriteee! Rust & Roses {4200 North 7th AvenuePhoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 264-4999}. They always have something amazing there for you. They have big items, small items, items that make you wanna scream because they are so perfect, etc. Honestly though, there has never been a time that I went and didn’t find something that I really wanted.

Here are some current photos of whats in the store:

I have a weird love affair with claw-foot tubs, and esp. when they have stuff growing in them!

I don’t know if y’all are like me in the sense that I love letters. Our friends over at Modern Manor {write up on them here} have a HUGE selection of large letters, but even these small ones are rad. And of course, the mason jars!

Speaking of Modern Manor, here is one of the owners, Kylie..and her adorable baby bump that I ADORE! She kept me company while I shopped around at all the stores featured this week-thanks Ky!

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I so wanted these babies. I would make them an amazing centerpiece with flowers, or put them on a shelf, really anything!

 Do yourself a favor and go check out Rust & Roses, I promise you will not be disappointed. Up next, a cool store with a sucky owner.

I normally would never talk bad about someone in general, and especially on the internet, but man oh man. The owner of Figs was a terd to me…big time. Each store that I took photos of, I politely asked the owner/employee if I could, before I began. Yes, I prob. could sneak photos at each spot, and get away with it, but I wanted to be courteous. The second I walked in Figs, I snapped one photo with my freaking phone, for gosh sakes, and then was going to find the owner and ask. Well he saw me WITH MY PHONE and told me no photos “unless I was going to buy it”. Umm, what?! You literally don’t let patrons take photos of items so that they can go home and consider them?! He was weird, and creepy, and a terd. Thats that. We left immediately, even though they have tons of cool crap I would have wanted to shall yall. His loss. Here is the one photo I got, and of course it was of some fantastic metal baskets, that I actually was tempted by…not anymore though!

To end on a happy note, Figs does have cool stuff, as long as you don’t have to deal with the owner, you’ll have a great experience! Rust & Roses is amazing. Tomorrow- another great store!! Hope y’all are linking this series, because I am loving sharing the stores with you:)



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    rust and roses is my favorite too!!! i actually am planning on heading down to the melrose district this weekend…definitely now after all your shop posts!

    kylie is like the cutest pregnant person ever, right?

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