San Francisco Vacation

While we had rad bloggers from AZ guest posting here on DBD, the hubbs and I were galavanting through San Francisco and Napa. We attempt to do one nice vacation every year, just the two of us. This was perfect timing because J had two weeks off from his MBA program, and my work is slowing down more now, so we went and celebrated three years of marriage!! We did a few days in San Fran and a few in Napa. The trip itself was perfect. Seriously. We stayed in interesting and beautiful hotels, ate incredible foods, saw sites, and had 5 uninterrupted days together {which NEVER happens anymore which work and his school}! Here are some highlights from the San Fran trip.

Let me explain this first series of photos. J completely surprised me for our one year of dating and whisked me away to San Fran {a place that I had never been but had mentioned ONE time months earlier that I would like to! Such a ham he was!} So the first photo is circa 2005. The next photo was in San Fran a week after we got engaged, so back in 2007. Then the current trip-3 yrs of being married! I love seeing how much we change together over the years. My sister pointed out to me that J and I have such fun photos together because we have changed SO much over the years. I love looking back and cracking up about what we used to think was ‘soo good looking’!



In San Fran we stayed at this incredible hotel The Crescent. Its located right off Union Square, but you don’t pay the price of a large name hotel. Who would have thought that we liked a deal?! The rooms were so rad, the bar was so eclectic and fun, the hotel itself was cool- but honestly with a little vibe of horror film. When we first arrived, the front desk guy was beyond creepy- and the hotel is super old, slightly gothic, and murderous! I told J to not be surprised if we got killed in our sleep there the first night. I was kidding, but only kinda. 

Here is our room. We loved the exposed brick, obviously!

This is the lobby. The hot homeless looking guy behind the couch is MINE. All mine:)

This is the hall way to the rooms. Do you get what I mean by saying horror film-esque! Total slasher.

This was the Burritt Room bar at the hotel. J and I were cracking up that we just loved the bars look, and then realized its because it was so similar to our house. In fact, it had the same exact chandelier as we do in our kitchen

We checked out so fun antique stores while there too.

I love big cities for the fact that you could be walking around all day and never get bored. So many sights to see and places to go! It didn’t hurt either that the weather was perfffecctt out!

We had such a great time with each other, and we even got to see some old friends while out one night too! Tomorrow i’ll show the Napa photos, because I think y’all have seen enough photos of J and I kissing to make yourselves sick! What can I say, I like ’em!


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    Mrs adv.- Amsterdam!! So fun! Jealous here!!
    Cassie-youll love it. And don’t worry if it feels creepy in the beginning! Haha
    Thx angy:)
    Kat-that’s awesome!!!! Did you like it?
    Ashley-definitely go. Jealous your so close.
    Lisa- girl you deserve a trip!

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