Batting Galore

Lets be real here, I originally wanted to title this post “Batting coming out of my butt” but then I realized that just sounded so terrible. What my intention with that title was to say that I have a ton of batting at my house right now, not that I literally have it coming out of my butt. Needless to say, I changed it to ‘batting galore’, and now you know the behind the scenes of coming up with a Title:)

I do have a crap load of batting at my house right now, and I cannot wait to tackle the project that it entails. Not this weekend {boo for the MBA program taking over Js life} but next, J and I are going to make a new headboard for our bed. We have a bed that we got at Pruitts when we first got married, and it still ‘works’ but we no longer like it! Its pretty intense and dark, and we want something a little lighter {and more romantic}. Lets not mention that last part to J, as he doesn’t want our room to be girly;)

We have gone through our options for a new bed, and honestly a new real bed from a real store isn’t an option. And even if it was, this sounds way too fun to not DIY. The other option J thought of was hilariously inappropriate a no-go. He wanted to do something similar to our driftwood art project, but instead of having a verse on there, he wanted it to say Magic. Just the word magic. That way anyone walks into room and asks “why does it say magic?’ he could comedically reply “ooo, cause thats where the magic happens”. No lie people, this is what J thinks of as a possibility! Gotta love him:)

Anyway, this is the mass amount of batting I purchased yesterday from one of our favorite fabric stores SAS:

That right there is 10 yards of batting

SAS seriously rocks people. I got the most perfect upholstery fabric there for a mere $3.99/yd and the batting is 100% Polyester and it was $2.99/yd.

We are using a combo of tutorials. Sticking fairly closely to Centsational Girls , and adding a little bit of Remodelaholics as well. I seriously can not wait to start this project and to soon have a totally romantic light and sophisticated headboard for our room! Hope y’all have a fantastic weekend! Happy Friday!



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    Your J sounds just like my J! 🙂 I just love your style! I’ve been wanting to tackle a similar headboard for our master, and I can’t wait to see your finished project! 🙂

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    Sandy- thanks so much for that link! I just might have to do that!
    Cassie-i love it! For our project, I sure hope it turns out great! Ill obviously post a step by step tutorial as well, so hopefully that can help you too:)


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