Fabric Framed Antlers

Around Christmas time last year J and I got some new friends in our house.

We loved having them in the dining room for the past year, but it was time to switch things up. We have been trying and trying to find something we both like to go on each side of the TV. It has been an impossible process, but we finally feel like we found something we like!

We purchased two frames from Ikea last week {which is seriously weird for us, we almost never buy from Ikea!} and decided that they would be perfect with the antler friends in them! We tested it out once home to double check before we started in with the spray painting. Side note: why on earth can J and I never find something in the actual color we want?! I understand when its from a garage sale or thrift store, but man- even when we buy from a large store, we still have to change it! Maybe its the DIY in us;)

We spray painted them white because the black was just going to be too harsh, yet we needed the color to be simple so that we could use any fabric we wanted! The process to put these together was so simple I almost feel like I shouldn’t tell you step by step, but who doesn’t love a tutorial?!

First I cut out the fabric to be larger than the cardboard backing, and then ironed it. Next I used fabric glue and glued the fabric to the board. I tried to be sparse with the glueing, i’ll explain later.

Next, I simply cut off the excess amount of fabric.

Then we cut a hole in the fabric and backing where the antler head and nail were to go. This was pretty comical watching J just ‘eye’ the first hole, and being so unbelievably off! With the second frame, we made sure to be a little more accurate.

Here is the final result:

One of the things I am most excited about with these is that I can change the fabric out at a moments notice {which is why I was sparse with the glue}. I seriously can’t wait for Christmas, or even Fall for that matter {other than the fact that it won’t be 115 deg. then} I am going to have so much fun coordinating the fabric to the seasons! What do you think? Do you like them? Are they a little ‘too much’? Let me hear it!

PS- I linked this project up to my favorite parties.


  1. brittany whipple says

    adorable! and such a good idea about changing out the fabrics!!! btw-where did you find the “antler friends”?

  2. says

    Love them! What a great way to showcase your personalities! And I totally get what you’re saying about wanting to change everything you buy…I think the twitching gives it away. Must. Spray paint. Something.

  3. says

    Bizarre – but they work! They really look good on the fireplace wall. I really love all your woodwork. So what goes in their place in the dining room? Ann

  4. says

    Yay! I am so so glad yall love them!! I was justttt a little worried that I didnt, but they are for sure growing on me! Britt- we got the antler friends from Z gallerie, the link is here:http://www.zgallerie.com/p-8948-deer-head-small-1575.aspx
    We got them when they were on sale, so not sure of the price! Ann- we already have something new u, ill show yall next week! I love the replacement!
    Michelle- Mirrors..freaking genius!!! That would seriously look so great!


  5. says

    Seriously.love.these! Oh my goodness–they are to die for! And I adore the fact that you can change the fabric out on a whim! 🙂

  6. says

    I am so glad I am not the only one with a current obsession to animal heads. When I found a bear head at our church auction recently I couldn’t resist. I love what you did with them. I think the frames look amazing around them and the fabric choice…nice work!


  7. says

    Yay! I am so so glad you guys all like them!!! Such a great feeling!
    WISHES- I would never used real animals. Poor things!! That would be so sad, I love animals way too much.
    Have a great day everyone!

  8. says

    OH. MY. GOSH!! I love these! We have a rhino head similar to this in the hubby’s man cave – I wonder if I could convince him to let me do this! They look so awesome!

  9. says

    Hi Adri!! I’m doing my first ‘Five Feature Friday’ tomorrow! I stinking love these animal heads and I featured them!! Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button! The post will be up Friday morning!!

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