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For the longest time J and I couldn’t decide on a night stand for the life of us. We didn’t know if we should buy them, DIY them, refinish old ones, etc. Finally, two weeks ago I was at Savers and found some that I thought could be perfect. Now keep in mind, these are probably not our ‘forever’ night stands {you know, ones that we are so in love with that we will never want to change} but instead they are ones that are awesome for now, and cheap. We like cheap! I got them for $20 total at Savers, and could have even waited two more days and got them at 50% off, but it always makes me too nervous that someone else will snatch them up in the mean time. {Note to self-only allow yourself to shop on the actual 50% off days, that way you will never have to worry}.

J wasn’t too happy that they were not real wood, but hey…im not exactly the best at being a wood detective, so I failed! We had the debate of paint with foam brush, paint with spray paint, or paint with the machine. We ended up doing spray paint, mainly because it was 110 deg. out that day and J wanted to get the project set-up, done, and cleaned up as fast as humanly possible.

Heres what they looked like when I picked them up at Savers:

J set up his normal paint table in the alley, and ended up going through 2 cans of primer and 3 cans of Rustoleum Antique White spray paint to get an even coat. He lightly sanded the night stands before painting, and in between coats for a smooth finish.

We initially were going to do a classic white for the color, but then wanted there to be at least a little bit of contrast when we have a white lamp on there. I love the antiqued white against a classic white! Here they are all finished:

Melissa Young Photo

I am so happy with how they turned out! Here a cost breakdown of the project:

Night stands: $20
Primer: $7.50
Spray paint: $11.50
Total: $39 for two new night stands! We think thats pretty darn good..don’t you?!

Check back tomorrow for an overview of the bedroom makeover! Can’t wait to share it with you guys.



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    Such a budget friendly project- have I mentioned how you just blow me away with your DIYS? I have, I know. Great project, the nightstands look great. What is Savers? I think I need to go there. xoxo

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    Chelsea- Thanks so much sweetie!! Encouragement is always loved:) Savers is a thrift store here in AZ. Same type of thing as Goodwill,etc.
    Paula- Good luck. Hope you find some soon!!
    Ashley- Thanks love! You can totally make your own teacup lamp. Our tutorial is here:
    Junk in the trunk-haha sorry for the delay, im sure youve seen by now the tutorial! oops!
    thanks to the rest of the ladies! We love them so far. They are the perfect height, and have tons of room to store crap! I just love being able to actually have stuff kept next to my bed, after almost four years of not!!


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