Shirt Makeovers and Junk In The Trunk Trio

So apparently sewing isn’t as hard as I thought it was. Don’t get me wrong, i’m still super intimidated by the majority of projects out there, but the more I sew, the more I realize that I can do it. When I went to SAS last week to get fabric for the headboard, I saw a bag of lace collars for only $1! I knew that I liked at least a few of them in there and thought ‘what the heck’. Even if I only ended up liking 2, it was only $1!

I knew that there were so many things I could do with these, but mainly I wanted to add a few to some shirts! I took some basic tanks, tees, and a cardigan, and went to town.

At first, I simply laid out the shirts with the lace to make sure I liked the look. I wasn’t too sure about the lace for the cardigan, and sure enough I ended up changing my mind:) For the first two shirts I sewed, I used the normal method of pining on the lace and sewing from there. Then I got annoyed. This is my problem with sewing, if something goes wrong, I lose patience fast. Not good, not good at all. I was so frustrated that some of my pins moved around and misplaced the lace, so I found another solution. For the last two, I put the shirt on {to make sure I would get the positioning correct}, used fabric glue and dabbed it in a few areas to secure the lace where I wanted it, and then sewed. Genius I tell ya. Maybe not normal, but wow it was so much easier. No pining, no removing pins, no moving parts, just easy. 
I love how they turned out. I now feel like I have 4 new shirts:)
Also, in case y’all are wondering who that is on the sidebar that I love so much.. its the three amazing ladies from Junk in the trunk trio! They are an incredibly talented group of ladies that scour AZ for the most perfect vintage finds. They are having a couple of large barn sales coming up soon, so I will for sure let y’all know when exactly it is. They also have an Etsy shop showing off some of the goods. Go check them out:)



  1. Anonymous says

    between this so called “SAS”, and “Last Chance”… phoenix sounds like a pretty good place for a girl to be! The shirts turned out fantastic! I loooove me the target long & leans… + the lace? Hello! Sign me up.

  2. says

    Thanks guys! Nicole- not really..haha, dont think I care about clothes enough to do that:)
    Anonymous- Last chance alone makes Phx the place to be!!


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