Fall Craft: DIY Cork Wreath

I am so excited that I finally have a fall craft under my belt for this year. There is something about doing crafts, and especially crafts for holidays, that warms my heart. I know everyone does wreaths for any and all occasions, and I wanted to have a second wreath for this season. Most people use things like yarn, burlap, flowers, leaves, sheet music, etc. I wanted something different, something with a ton of texture. Insert wine corks!

For this wreath I kept it simple. I used a massive bag of used wine corks, hot glue, and a fall floral set. My wreath itself was made out of hay, which was perfect because the spots that the corks didn’t match up perfectly simply had hay show through. A fun harvest touch:)

I didn’t count the amount of corks I used, but it was a lot. And no, they weren’t all ours. We love our wine, but not that much! I am loving how the wreath ended up turning out. It has so much texture, is simple, and has a great fall feel!

It will most likely end up hanging on our front door, but yesterday I was simply out of time to go into the garage and get the ugly wreath hanger thing. How come there are not better looking ones out there?!

So what do you think? Like, love, hate? I myself am a fan. I also am a fan that today is Friday! Hooray for an exciting weekend ahead! Happy Friday!



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    If you have a metal door, they have wreath hangers that are magnets. They work well for heavy0sh wreaths.

    If you want to hang it higher on the door, you might try a Command Hook. I use one of those to hang a wreath above the sitting area on my front porch.

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    I been saving corks for a couple of years for the perfect project and I have found it!! Thank you so much for blogging this!!


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    wow! why did I throw all the corcs away!? such a nice idea. I live in the wine country- it would fit so perfectly to all the wine- yards that we can see out of the window… ok time to drink more wine! thank u for the inspiration

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