Our Homes Paint Colors

Lately we have been getting a ton of emails asking about certain paint colors we used throughout our house. Luckily for us, and for you, we used one color in all the main rooms..which is nice and easy! Paint colors for us are always super tricky. We want to have fun pops of color throughout the rooms, but also don’t want to choose something that will be ‘too much’ or over the top. We love having colors on all the walls, and were not lovers of painting them, so we try to be wise in our selections.  I’ll go room by room for y’all and show you what weve done. Also, keep in mind that no matter what the brand of the color we have is, we put all of our paints into Home Depots Behr Premium Plus Ultras base.

The kitchen: Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey

Melissa Young Photo

The Living Room: Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey

Melissa Young

The Dining Room: Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey

Melissa Young

The bathroom: We used a color match to the rug : I believe the color code is 7754

The master bedroom: Behr Silver Screen

The office: The darker stripe- Sherwin Williams Natural Choice. The lighter stripe- Behr Fencepost

Hope this is helpful to y’all. No more searching through the blog looking all over for paint colors! Maybe one day i’ll get around to showing y’all our other bathroom and two guest rooms..one day. You know, when they are not either incredibly plain and boring, or full of junk:)



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