A Vintage-Modern Nursery

Three weeks ago our great friends, Ryan and Kylie had their first baby, Sawyer. He is a ridiculously cute bundle of handsomeness. Seriously. I didn’t know new borns could be that cute. Since they are the owners of Modern Manor here in Phoenix, I knew their nursery would not disappoint. I mean, how could it?! Their nursery is an incredible mix of vintage, modern, family heirlooms, craigslist finds, estate sales finds, etc. Other than the clothes in this room, I am pretty sure everything is used. How amazing is that? Especially when this is the outcome of it:

The beautiful chandelier would make most people think it cost a fortune. It puts off such a soft glow throughout the room, and a glow in Ryan and Kylies hearts..because it was $20 at an estate sale! Score!

Their crib was something that Kylie was extra excited about! She knew that she specifically wanted this exact one, but knew that the retail price for it was out of the question. She found it on Craigslist for only  $100. The best thing about it- totally gender neutral and since its made out of iron it will have a great re-sale value.

The baby bedding is from Baby Bedding. This site is so rad. If you are a preggers lady out there reading this, you must browse around this site. It allows you to completely customize your babys bedding, and for a great deal. The quality of the bedding is pretty amazing too! For all of the bedding that Kylie customized it was $280. The cowhide they got is from a local leather factory called Tandy Leather. It is a pretty large size, and they only paid $160 for it!

The large cabinet was from a local auction for $500. The best thing about this cabinet is that they bought it not even knowing they would use it in the nursery, so it is completely multi functional. If it ever doesn’t make sense in the nursery, they can just switch it to another room. Throughout the cabinet they have stashed away family heirloom toys, vintage toys and blocks, and books galore.

Their changing table has a fun history to it. They got it off of Craigslist. It dates back to the early 1900’s, and was originally in a towns general store. It used to store flours and grain in the front drawers. Ryan and Kylie sanded it all down, painted and refinished it. They also added a chevron fabric to the front of the drawers to hide away the not so cute items that babys require:)

The mobile hanging above the table is quite special. Before Ryan and Kylie were even dating, Kylie did some missionary work in Uganda, and it was there that she found this mobile and knew should would want her future children to have it! So fun to have something from so far away with so much meaning.

The rocker they have is possibly my most favorite part of the room.It is a Woodard and Sons rocker that they got from one of their friends who also deals in the world of vintage furniture. They had it recovered in a beautiful soft grey leather hide. Luckily the hide was large enough to also cover the ottoman. The ottoman completely looks like its part of the set, but its not! They got it for $10 at an estate sale! Who gets that lucky?!

See that adorable bear of the chair? I’ll tell you more about it soon..but let me just say, its going to be awesome!

all photos by Kylie

The perfect art is the work of David Weidman, from the 1960’s.  Ryan and Kylie bought these the summer before they were pregnant, knowing they would make a great addition to a nursery. So glad they had that forethought!

Ready for a ridiculous before-during-after shot? Not that this room was ever even close to being ‘bad’ but it was simply a project and eBay shipping room:

Sitting there in awe right now, aren’t you? I know, me too! They did such beautiful work. Sawyer is one loved little man, and how lucky is he that he gets to grow up in a room with so much beauty and history! Ryan and Kylie’s nursery was also featured on Project Nursery, go check it out!

Here is a price breakdown of everything in the room:

Cabinet- $500 {auction}
Chandelier- $20 {estate sale}
African Mobile- $10 
Grain Cabinet/Changing table- $100 {Craigslist}
Cowhide Rug- $160 {Tandy Leather}
Iron Crib- $100 {Craigslist}
Bedding- $280 {Custom made from BabyBedding.com}
Vintage Toys- Varies in price, nothing more than a few bucks… auctions, estate sales etc.
Jere Ship- $50 {garage sale}
Baby Bertoia Chair- $10 {from another furniture dealer}
Baskets- most was $10 {estate sales}
Laundry Basket- $25 {Marshalls}
Art- $45 print , $90 framing =$135 total each x 4 = $540 total for Weidman art
Antique Ship Clock/Gauges , above door – $200 for both {auction}
Antique Eagle Port Ship Mirror, above crib – free
Rocking Chair by Lee Woodard & Sons- $50 {from another furniture dealer}, reupholster $250, leather $80 
Ottoman- estate sale $10, reupholster $65, same leather as the rocking chair
= $455 for Rocking Chair & Ottoman 
= $2,460 for the whole room … not including toy & diapers 🙂

 And I will leave y’all with Kylies tip for how to create a beautiful nursery on a budget, “The biggest part of getting a babys room the way you like it is by starting early, having patience to find the correct pieces, and then simply tying them all together”. Well, I think she did just that, don’t you?



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    I LOVE this room! What a chic baby’s room! Thanks for sharing.

    PS I’ve been seeing your projects around blogland a lot- so happy about that! You guys rock, it’s nice to see you getting some credit for your beautiful projects/home!

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