Tea, Sleep, And Chick Flicks..

I had started writing a great detailed tutorial for a new project for todays post, and then I got sick. I haven’t been feeling great the past two days, and last night I went on a run that did not help. Normally when I just have a little cold, a short run helps me {I know-weird}, but last night in the dead middle of my run {with the dogs} it started to pour rain. As in sheets of freaking rain. The dogs freaked out, I tried to keep my iPhone dry, Honeys collar kept sliding off because its a little too big and she was wet, I dropped my phone, etc. Needless to say the run itself sucked, and being in the cold rain while trying to ‘kick’ a cold..not the best idea.

Instead of finishing that post {which I fully intend to do for tomorrows post} I am going to be doing a whole lot of this:


And maybe even some chick flicks while J isn’t home-
Heres to hoping that I can kick this thing, and fast! Oh and a big thanks to Better After for featuring some of our projects yesterday!


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