Leather For The Nursery Rocker

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentines day. Mine included a beautiful run, doughnuts {those totally go together right?!}, a yummy steak/potato/asparagus dinner, and time with my J. We also got to go down to Tandy Leather Factory and pick out the leather hide for the nursery rocker!! I had never been to Tandy before and it was so incredible! Imagine beautiful leathers, cow hide rugs, leather kits, etc. sprawled out over a huge warehouse room. Better yet, see for yourself:

Here is the table of all of the upholstery hides {minus the table that had the more expensive ones, we didn’t even want to look at those for fear of temptation!}:

Except J just had to grab a quick peek, and then he ran back to the better priced table! He met me there on his lunch break, how stinking handsome is he in his business clothes?!

So heres how it all went down. We were debating between two hides. One had a more black undertone, and one had a more red undertone. I loved the one with the red, so we went with it! There was a sale going on of the table we were at, so all the hides were on sale for $2.99/sq.ft. instead of $5.99. AND if you bought the yearly membership for $35, you got it down to $2.50/sq.ft. Our hide that we got was 42.5 sq.ft.. We ideally wanted one a little larger, so that we would for sure have enough to cover the rocker and an ottoman {we dont have one yet, but have high hopes!} but all the larger ones up to 50sq.ft. had small holes in them here and there, so we took a chance with the smaller but perfect one.

  • TIP: always fully open up any hide you are buying to check for holes, damage,etc. Each hide is unique, and you don’t want to be surprised when you get home to huge holes in the middle!
If you aren’t being too picky and are down to have some funky colors for your hides, you can always shop in the clearance section:
Overall it was really fun to be able to look through about 10 different hides and finally choose our favorite. In real life it is a beautiful chocolate brown, with a little red undertone:

We are getting it reupholstered by an incredible guy that our friends over at Modern Manor use, and I cannot wait until it gets done! Just one more thing checked off the list! Hooray for nursery progress. In case you forgot, this is the rocker we are using. We got it at an auction for only $25 bones! Needs a little work, don’t you think?!

What do you think? Loving the hide? Hope so:)


  1. resitchme.com says

    My sister just moved to Phoenix and discovered SAS Fabrics. Now I will have to tell her about this place.
    I love the chair and the rich looking leather you picked out. Can’t wait to see the finished result!

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