Don’t Know How You Do It

I’m talking to you mamas who have ever had a sick kid… I honestly don’t know how you do it. My sweet, sweet, baby boy Boomer went in for surgery yesterday. You know, this sweet face:

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Two weekends ago when J and I both went out of town, we came home and noticed a little pink bump on Boomers paw. I am regrettably a worrier by nature, so I automatically was worried it was something bad, but thats just how my mind always goes. We watched it for a solid week and noticed that it was actually getting a little bigger, so J took him in this past Sunday. They said it was a tumor, but couldn’t tell if it was cancerous or not until they remove it and send it in. So yesterday morning I took my precious baby in for surgery {and to get his teeth cleaned since he was already being put under}. 
I, being the already sensitive person I am, and now 8 months pregnant, cried when I dropped him off and cried when I picked him up. I couldn’t hold it together when I saw him come out all drugged up and limping. Broke my heart. Seriously. We now have to wait a week to get the results back if it is cancerous or not {I hate even writing that word} and just have to baby him until then. The vet said no running for a week…thats a tricky one! 
Needless to say, not sure how much I am going to get done this week other than keeping him current on his pain pills and antibiotics, and loving him back to health. I swear, I DO NOT know how you mamas out there get anything done while your babies are sick, or undergoing surgery, or anything other than the norm. I stand in awe of you! Lets pray I can get better at it, especially with a human baby coming soon, and not just fur-baby! If you think of it please say and prayer {or good thoughts, whatever it is that you do!} for it to not be cancerous. He needs our help:


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    i am so sorry……i have had boxers recently loss my baby soon 4 yrs ago she was going on 13……in her last 3 yrs she had huge tumors removed the last operation just took a huge toll on her she declined in health rapidly after that…..boxers are known for tumors if found in early yrs you can pretty much base her tumors in the future to be what the doc tells you this 1 is (according to my vet) we elected not to know mainly cause of her age and being selfish…we wanted her as long as we could have her………..when i 1st started following you was cause you were a boxer owner…..i pray all goes well for the fur baby and the new addittion round the corner i am sure you will handle everything well……prayers for ya’ll

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    We have a Boston Terrier that had a tumour between her toes. After two surgeries, it was decided that her toe needed to be removed. This was terrifying – for us. She was sad and bewildered when we picked her up from the vet but does not seem to mind being a three-toed sloth! The vet did an amazing job reconstructing the paw.

    It sounds like your situation is much better with the tumour being more cutaneous and superficial.

    I look forward to hearing about Boomer’s amazing recovery!

    Take care,


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    Oh, what a sweet pup! It can completely be scary when your kids are really sick – I have a little man with asthma and there have been some scary times. Everything else in life can wait until they are better though. I hope your pups test come back free and clear. Animals are just so sweet to us – it’s hard to see them hurting. All they do is love unconditionally.

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    Hang in there and take comfort in knowing that if it is cancer, you most likely caught it early.

    Our puppy had a tumor removed last week and we just got news yesterday that it was cancer. Thankfully the Dr. got it all but it could come back. We take comfort in knowing what to look for and also to take more notice of her changes in behavior which prior to the tumor we didn’t make much of. Picking up our puppy (not even 2 yet) after surgery was very difficult for me too. She cried so much. It’s been a week and she finally seemed like herself last night so hang in there and he’ll be back to his old self soon!

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    Adri – A few years ago my lab tore her ACL. She had to have something called TPLO surgery where they actually saw the lower part of her leg bone in half, rotate it, and then put a plate and 8 screws in her knee. It was DEVESTATING to drop her off and also to pick her up. I cried for days. After six months of rehab and severe restrictions on what she could and couldn’t do she was doing great. Our canine orthopedic specialist told me she’s the poster child for TPLO surgery. Just make sure you follow the vets instructions to the T and don’t deviate at all. Your pup will be fine. You love that pup, that much is obvious, and you’re willing to do what’s best for him. That’s all that matters. It makes you a great pet parent. I’ll be praying for your sweet boy and for strength and peace for you and J in this stressful time.

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    Unless you are a pet parent, no one really understands the bond you have between yourself and your fur baby. And I truly believe there is a difference between owning a pet and being a pet parent. We lost our only fur baby two days after Christmas and it was heart breaking and I still look for her. So, I completely understand how you feel… you never want your fur babies to feel bad. Especially when you know they don’t understand why they don’t feel bad. BUT they do understand our love and they do understand when you are helping them. Everything will be OK.

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    Boomer is definitely in my prayers! 🙂 I too am pregnant and we have a 3 year old Brittany Spaniel who is our “first baby” and I totally understand what you mean. It’s so hard to see them sick and I have also thought about what it will be like once our “second baby” comes into the world. I’ll be an absolute mess if it ever gets sick! Sending positive vibes your way that everything turns out fine!

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    injured sick dogs are the worst!! I’m just as worried about my dog…my husband already calls me a helicopter mom with the dog…I hope it’s not worse when our baby arrives!

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    *HUGS* naw im sorry to hear about ur furr baby hoping u get the all lcear and that its not the nasty C word…its so hard when our furr babies get sick…

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