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Ok folks, J and I need your help. We have been racking our brains over here for a few months trying to decide on a paint color..and we can’t. I swear we have never had a harder time choosing a color. I don’t know if its because its for our baby boy, or because we are doing board and batten, or maybe its all because I want grey but already have too much of it in the house to have yet another room be it. Either way, this has turned in to mission impossible for us!

So, this is where we turn to our experts- you guys. Please keep in mind that there will be a lot of white in there {with having the board and batten on all walls, and the closet being all bead board} Also, keep in mind that this is what our crib looks like:

And this is what our rocker looks like {I will do a whole post of this baby soon, because let me tell you- I am in loveeee with it!}:

We also got this amazing piece of brass art that will hang above his crib. Im talking 3 feet tall, type of piece. So whatever color we use, it has to go with brass really well! The floors are our dark hardwood, and we are having a white rug. The dresser/changing table is undetermined {we know what we want it to look like, but we can have it be any color we want, so it doesn’t matter}.

So now that you know the basics..what do you say? A soft yellow? Green? Light blue? Something else? HELP!



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    What about using Navy and accessorizing with green or orange. I think it will look great with the chair. Love that you have such great pieces that are your typical wood or white.

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    I think a marine blue would make the white, brown and brass pieces in the room really pop. I know it’s a little heavy-handed for a baby’s room, but the splash of color would look amazing.

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    The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the rocker was navy! Seems several of us are on the same wavelength lol With board and batten to lighten up the whole room I think navy (or any dark hue) would be a great balance. Your furniture would look great with it and it wouldn’t look cutesy. This is so fun! Thanks for taking us along for the ride 😀

  4. Anonymous says

    Before reading any comments, I immediately thought navy! You’ll have enough white to keep it airy, but it would really pop with the brass wall fixture and the rest of the metal in the room. Hands down, navy!

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    Wow-where did my comment go.

    Benjamin Moore: Beacon Fog. It’s a mid tone French kinda blue. I feel Navy calls for red & white accessorizing, then he’s living in a flag. You’ll figure it out; did you ever see the movie “Juno” 🙂

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    My friend has a room that’s board&batten and the walls above are a rich chocolate brown. It’s a dark color but against the clean white, it looks very classic as well as “masculine”…and you could do pale steely blue/grey accents 🙂

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    I was also thinking a medium to deep blue/grey that will tie in with the other colors in your house but add a bit of contrast with the traditional blue… also would work nicely with the pewter tones in the crib…. the chair, heck! that baby could fit in anywhere!

  8. Debbie says

    I have never commented before…but this is an important event! SOoooo
    there is a color that is blue but has green/gray in it called Blue Hubbard by Sherwin Williams #8053…it would flow with your gray and stay calm for the baby…it is a beautiful color and was a paint color by Martha Stewart when she had her paints with Sherwin Williams…they have the color numbers…trust me…it is gorgeous! But you decide….you can find it online and in Mrs. Howard Designs….good luck!

  9. crystal says

    I agree with Kristi, Restoration Hardware silver sage (or light silver sage) are both beautiful colors that are calming and semi-neutral. Silver sage is a blue/gray/green combo that looks different in different light. good luck!

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    I like the silver sage idea. My favorite color is a beach glass color. It is a greenish light blue. I don’t know about the big brass thing above the crib. You know kids stand up and try to touch things on the walls. Years ago I looked at a painting above My bed, and the frame had a big glob of peanut butter on it! Hmmm. Don’t obsess about this. You have a great crib and rocker. Eat more, please. Ann

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    I think a duck-egg or robins-egg blue would go really well, and the combo of brass and duck-egg is really classical and looks so fantastic together. I love where the room is going so far!!

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    there are oh so many shades of blues out there dark light and in btw 🙂 im loving the idea of blues my entire house back in he states were all sorts of shades of blues, brows and sage greens 😉 lol picking pain sure is hard…with our last babies wall colour we picked from her bed linen 🙂 have u picked out ur crib set yet or are u just goin with neutrals? I know what ever colour u guys pick it will look amazing! Love the crib!

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    You guys are SO awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to give us some tips. We now hopefully have a direction to start going in!! Cant wait for it to all be finished so I can show you!!

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    My initial thought is a deep, dark navy blue… with the silver, gold and white accents, it would be soo striking. But I love the silver sage idea too. Oooh, or even a lighter olive green?

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    What about a metalic-y (I know….that’s not a word) finish on top of whatever paint you choose? It would go with the brass, it would go with the crib, the rocker, everything! It would add a little sheen to a darker color and not make it feel so “heavy.” Just an idea! Can’t wait to see the final results!!

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    Navy baby. With all that white, why stick with a light color? It’ll help ground the walls to the floor, looks sick with brass, and I’m totally hot for it right now (especially with pops of other colors – yellow, turquoise, gray, etc.). I might be biased because what I just described sounds a whole lot like my dining room, but still. Navy.
    Also, I just read all the other comments and am glad to see I’m not alone in this. I can also get behind a “marine” blue as was mentioned. YES.

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