36 Weeks Pregnant!

How far along: 36 weeks! 
Total weight gain: gained 24 lbs total. 
Maternity clothes: Still able to wear some tops, but pants these days are either workout pants, leggings, or maternity. Can’t wait to wear all of my jeans again some day!
Stretch marks: Just the ones from Christmas Eve on my chest, but still using the amazing tummy stretch mark oil {here} and the chest cream {here}. I swear, that oil especially, is the best stuff EVER!
Sleep: Getting harder and harder to get comfy..and the roll that I have to do to get out of bed is quite humorous-let me tell you!
Best moment of this week: In the midst of doing anything and everything baby I managed to squeeze in a little me time for a massage and a hair apt. Both were blissful!
Miss anything:A full nights sleep {which I know I am going to be missing for a LONG time coming!}
Movement: all.the.time. 
Food cravings: Been wanting a lot of pineapple, cantaloupe, and just cold fresh fruit in general. Might have something to do with the fact that it was 100+ here for three days last week!
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope!
Have you started to show yet: Yes, and I can’t believe I still have 4 more weeks of growth to go!
Gender: Boy!!
Labor signs: Made more progress at my appointment this week. I am now a full 2cm dilated, 70% effaced, and a -1 station! How incredible would it be to go in to labor already dilated to a 3 or 4?! Yes please! Loving my Hypnobabies homestudy still! Listening to the positive pregnancy affirmations track all through out my days now- love the mindset it puts me in!
Belly button in or out: The whole thing is out now..and I find it hilarious
Wedding rings on or off: They are so done..:(
Happy or moody most of the time: Insanely happy! 
Looking forward to: Meeting our baby, but also just soaking this time in. 


  1. Anonymous says

    You look great! I can’t believe you could give birth anyday now . .this pregnancy has been so quick and easy for me!;)

    Don’t be so sure that you won’t be getting sleep for a long time. My 1st slep through the night really, really early, earlier than he should have and 4 weeks old. I was told he should have been eating during the night, but he was just fine and thriving and a pudgy little dumpling and is now 6’1″. I LOVED all that sleep when I had mentally prepared for so little. 2nd and 3rd babies . .hmm, not quite so rested . .


  2. says

    I bought some of that stretch mark butter and I was wondering how long it last you? A lot of the reviews I read LOVED the product but said it didn’t last that long. I’m already 27 weeks so I was hoping it would help still from getting any stretch marks or making the old ones bigger 🙁

  3. says

    You are so cute. How about trying for a full 30 pounds? You didn’t take any Lamaze classes, just that hypnobaby thing? I would get a private lesson, labor is not so easy. The focus is the hard part. Good luck, you are going to have the cutest baby ever. Ann

  4. says

    You look awesome! I did Hynobabies and L-O-V-E love it! I was dialated to a five when my water broke (2 weeks AFTER my due date)…unfortunately my daughter never dropped and I ended up with a C-section, but I felt so mentally and emotionally prepared as for each thing that came our way because of Hypnobabies. You are going to be amazing!

  5. says

    Anon- thanks for that link, she is adorable!
    Bec- OMG dont scare me like that! haha. although a 20 min birth sounds pretty incredible:)
    angy- I know! SO insane!!!
    Louise-hah you crack me up!! and a solid sleeping baby sounds pretty amazing! Not counting on it, but that would be incredible!
    Whitney- you bought the stretch mark oil I link to? If so- I am IN LOVE with the stuff. I am nearing the end of my 3rd bottle, BUT I have been using it twice a day EVERY day since 10 weeks. I put it alllll over my tummy, lower back, butt, sides, and boobs. Im sure if I didnt slather it on so much I would be able to totally get by with using 3 bottles, but I would rather use more and prevent anything from happening, than be sparce with it.
    Ann- Thanks! I didnt do any classes other than Hypnobabies, but I feel completely prepared and excited for his birth!
    Erika- Gosh it is always so great to hear of people using it and loving it! I have loved the program so far and honestly am excited to put it into action! Bummer that your daughter never dropped, but so great that you still had a fabulous birth experience!

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