Campaigner Style Nursery Dresser

We are SO excited. J and I have known for a long time now that we really wanted a campaigner dresser for the nursery. We even were open to having a desk and making it awesome. By that I mean we would have made a door on the open part where a chair normally goes. By putting a door there we could hide away the bin that is going to hold all of the dirty diapers. Genius! Just as we were starting to get a little nervous that we were not going to find one in time, a dresser and desk came up at our local Monday night auction- score!

Auctions are always nerve-racking for us because you never know how much items will go for. It depends on the quality, the people at the auction {and their limits}, and if others happen to be there seeking out the same item {which equals not fun bidding wars}. We thought for sure that the dresser was going to go for way more than the desk since it is an original Campaigner dresser, where as the desk is not. But thankfully we were wrong:)

Heres the desk that ended up going for $250:

If we ended up getting that, just imagine a door in the open space..perfect for hiding dirty cloth diapers!

Here is the dresser that we scored on, after taxes and auction fees we took this beauty home for only $150:

And its an original:)

I can’t wait till we get this beauty painted and in the nursery. For that matter, I can’t wait until we get the nursery painted. I have full blown nesting going on, and unfortunately can’t do much about it- have to take it easy because of contractions, and can’t start putting things in to the nursery until its a functioning room:)

So, what do y’all think? Love it as much as we do?! I am actually glad we went with the dresser, because I was starting to worry a little that we weren’t going to have enough storage in the nursery..and now we are totally set!



  1. says

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!Don’t paint it! In 5 years it will be dated and you’ll wish you have left the original wood. Stripping and restoring is much more work than painting.

  2. says

    restich- thank you! i hope/think it will be fabulous when we are finished with it!
    Kira- thank you:)
    Jessica- haha im SUCH a dork- this auction is our wednesday night auction..whoops!! ill message you the detials, Its great!
    we usually agree with you, but with this one we arent in love with the wood so we really do want to paint it. Thanks though!

  3. Anonymous says

    A little off topic, but I would love to hear more about your plans to cloth diaper. I am planning on doing the same and am looking for tips!


  4. says

    Hey I am so excited I won the ticket to mom’s night out! Definitely look forward to seeing u there. How do I get the ticket? Will u email it to me…….I would love to know about the auction too……living in AZ I am always looking for these resources……don’t u think all thrift stores are so overpriced here!……

  5. Katy says

    I hate to play devil’s advocate here, but I would not paint that…and I paint everything. Wood furniture is making a comeback (see style makers like Emily Henderson). I used to go into painting furniture thinking I could strip it when I tire of it, then I actually stripped a dresser…not fun.
    I like the wood, but it is yours.

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