Life Is Crazy And Good

Hi friends! Yesterday ended up being an insane day. Poor Boomer started limping out of no where and I decided it was time to take him in to get his stitches out. Well, he was a little infected and two spots weren’t growing together properly so they had to take all the stitches out and add two new ones. Thank God it was Jeremy that brought him to the vet because he said he could hear Boomer crying in the back, and if it was me there I would have freaking lost it. He is back at home now sporting an awesome Cone. Haha poor little guy!

Anyways, we have been working on a bunch of projects over here. Putting back together two new miners carts, finishing up the board and batten, and now waiting for our favorite electrician to come this week to add an outlet to the nursery. Can you believe that in that whole stinking room there is ONE, yes ONE, outlet! Can’t wait for that to be done because then we can get to painting, and then get to actually setting up the room!!

In the mean time, here are some adorable pictures of J being officially entered in to fatherhood. He set up our incredible Baby Jogger City Select stroller and read all about our Peg Perego car seat. Not gonna lie- we had quite the embarrassing time figuring that stupid thing out. You see, I have dealt with car seats before, but only the convertible or booster seat types. It took us about a solid 5 minutes to figure out how the heck to get the seat off the base. Can you say newbies?! 

Thats life for us right now. Working a lot, celebrating my brothers wedding this weekend {and pretty much all week}, healing Boomer, resting from too many contractions, and trying to get the nursery finished. See you all soon:)


  1. says

    We have the exact same car seat – same fabric and everything (great choice!). We didn’t bother reading the instructions at all and had quite the time trying to figure out how to get Kenton in it when we were leaving the hospital! And the nurses were no help at all. 🙂

  2. says

    Thanks Christine- it definitely is!
    Michelle- no way! perfect! haha, i love it. I am hoping by us reading some it will prevent us from looking like fools;)

  3. Jocelyne says

    You inspired me to finally take our Peg Perego (in pois black rather than grey) carseat out of its box and give it a try….interesting how you can’t access the manual until you figure out how to detach the seat from the base! Your husband shouldn’t be embarrassed that it took 5 minutes to figure out–it took us about the same@

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