DIY Vintage Airplane Baby Mobile

DIY Vintage airplane mobile #DIY #nurserymobile #airplanemobile

Oh am I excited to show you guys this mobile! I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to get one of the classic baby mobiles out there that are full of cheesy-ness. {although this hot air balloon mobile came in in a close second in our minds, we loved this thing} I know that there are some things that need to be cheesy for the good of the baby, but I felt that we could somehow DIY a mobile, make it good looking, and have it be good for his development. I am so happy with how this turned out!

For his nursery we are doing the ‘world traveler’ theme, and we knew we loved these vintage planes we got off eBay for the mobile. The planes also have a special place in our hearts because they are the same type of planes that Js grandpa used to fly. The only thing was we didn’t know exactly how we would turn them in to a mobile. At first we thought we could use one of my great scores from Savers, an embroidery hoop. We thought we would turn the hoop into a sphere and stick a plane in the middle and then hang the rest off the bottom. In reality, we totally could have stuck with that idea- until we got hit with a better one.

This past weekend we went to the Junk in the Trunk vintage market and scored an incredible vintage hat holder from Coley herself:) Now, im going to be really honest here, sometimes I hate that J has all the brilliant ideas. Obviously I would rather one of us have them, than neither of us, but sometimes I wish it was my idea! How is he always handsome and smart and creative?! Life’s not fair, except for the fact that I tricked the poor fool in to marrying me;) Needless to say, he spotted the hat holder and had the lightbulb moment. We picked it up and went right home to create the mobile.

We knew we loved the planes but also knew we needed to edit them a little. The bottoms of the planes were open and nothing interesting on them, so we came up with the most simple and cheap solution ever:

We simply took cardboard, cut it out to fit inside the bottom of the plane, and used white and black paint we had lying around and did simple designs. The contrast of black and white is supposedly great for little babies minds, so thats what we stuck with. As he gets older, we can always switch out the cardboard pieces for something with color too!

Once they were dry, we hung one plane in the top piece, and scattered the rest along the bottom. To hold up the whole mobile we used a clear string we got from Lowes, and to hold up the individual planes we used plain white thread:

DIY Vintage airplane mobile-2 #DIY #nurserymobile #airplanemobile

This is his view from below:

The cost breakdown is this:

Vintage hat holder: $20

Vintage airplanes: $20

Cardboard and paint: free

Clear string: $1.50

Thread: free

TOTAL: $41.50

So, do you love the mobile as much as we do?! I hope so- because I am kind of obsessed!  J says its the “Best Mobile Ever!”, but he is kind of biased 😉


  1. says

    LOVE the mobile. What a great idea to use the vintage hat holder as the anchor for the whole thing. Too bad I’m not having anymore babies because I would totally steal….er….BORROW this idea from you. 🙂

  2. says

    what a cute idea! might want to switch out the thread for fishing line before he starts pulling and reaching. y’all are going to be great, stylish parents!

  3. Anonymous says

    What a great idea..I love all things vintage. You guys really did a great job and I totally agree with the black and white…that’s what they say at least. =)

    One thing I was thinking about is being that they are made out of metal (I’m guessing) be careful that they don’t fall on the baby or he tries to pull them off, when he is able to stand. or if they do fall in the crib at night he plays with them…just a thought.

    I know, I know I don’t mean to be a Debby downer or negative Nancy or whatever you wanna call me, but having a child myself, I try to always foreshadow things happening…the just in case outlook, I call it.

  4. Anonymous says

    I love it and it will be a wonderful gift for my girlfriend who just had a baby boy and share the same nursey theme as you do will you be kind and share the email seller name so I see if he has more to sell or the correct search title

    Thank you

  5. says

    partain fam- you are too cute! maybe just have ONE more baby and you can use the idea;)
    house church- yes, that is definitely the plan! thanks!!
    Anon- you are not a debbie downer- dont worry! the planes are actually really light plastic. They totally look metal but are definitely not! we are definitely planning on securing them more once he is able to reach up and grab for them, but for now its all good!
    angy- haha thanks love!
    geneva- thanks! what seller are you asking about though? the one for the planes or for the hat holder? just let me know and i will try and point you in the right direction

  6. says

    The bottoms are perfect, because babies are supposed to really like black and white things. So cute. I thought you made it from a topiary form.

  7. Anonymous says

    That has to be the most special mobile any baby has ever had, because mum and dad put so much creativity and love into it.

    I am thinking that perhaps floaty black and white high contrast things are good for old lady brains also, because when I looked at that image of what baby will see I felt very peaceful, almost serene. Seriously!

    Going to have another look.

    Wonder if husband will find me odd if I suggest hanging a mobile over my side of the bed . . .


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