White Faux Sheep Skin Rug Obsession

When we very first started talking and daydreaming about the nursery I kept on picturing a sheep skin rug. No matter what theme, color, etc. I always saw the same type of rug. The only problem? They all seemed to be a million and one dollars. Not exactly in our budget. Thank goodness though one day I was browsing on Home Decorators and saw an ad that said all rugs were 20% off, which lead me to just ‘check real quick’ for a sheep skin one. Much to my delight they not only had one with incredible reviews {scoring 4 1/2 stars from 300+ reviews}, and for a great price, but it was also on sale! The 5×8 size we got is originally $139, but we scored it for $111+shipping. I couldn’t believe we were getting the exact rug I was wanting for well under $150!

White fuax sheepskin rug by Dream Book Design

The texture of it literally makes you feel like you are walking on a cloud. It is insanely soft!

Since we have only had it for a week, it is still in its initial shedding process, but its not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Most reviewers say that it only sheds for about the first two weeks. As for how the rest of the family likes it? The dogs won’t get off of it. The second I open the door to the nursery every day, they run in and instantly lay down and fall asleep! It is the cutest thing ever.

Honey giving me the ‘thanks for the rug mommy’ look;)

Overall, I couldn’t be more excited that not only is this our rug, but that we got it for such a great deal! Check out Home Decorators for deals on rugs, furniture, lighting, etc. We have loved everything we have ever gotten from there.

PS- I am officially housing a full term baby in my tummy! Best thing ever! So blessed that this baby has decided to stay put up until this point..so now at any point -he can come;)



  1. says

    Whooohooo!!! Full term!!! That is AWESOME!! Thanks Jesus 🙂 The rug looks great – going to be nice to sink your toes into that during those middle of the night cuddles!! Many blessings my friend xoxo

  2. Anonymous says

    Great Rug and comfy for you but just make sure when the little one starts sitting up or crawling on the rug that you watch the baby carefully…they put EVERYTHING in their mouth….just like there are some stuffed animals that are approved for under age 3 (the short non-shedding fur), because they can nosh on the fur and it ends up being a choking hazard or a furball…I don’t usually like to dole out advice but we gotta keep the little ones safe….all the best for you and your little one, how exciting!

  3. says

    Countdown has begun! Congrats on getting this far! 🙂 Loving all your Mama shots, you look extra fabulous. Excited to see the full nursery shot. Love the theme and the rug… and the campaign… and the crib… and that chair! :))) xo

  4. says

    One of my best girlfriends is also due any day now (they’ll induce on the 7th if her little munchkin doesn’t make an appearance by then), so wishing you the very best of luck!

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