DIY Metal Basket Light

While we still are not positive we are keeping this as the light fixture for the nursery closet, I still wanted to show y’all how quickly you can turn a basket in to a full on light fixture. We got the vintage metal basket from our lovely friends over at Modern Manor. 

We bought a Portable Hanging Pendant light kit from Lowes, and the bulb is from an estate sale that we got a huge box of them from!

The Canopy kit was also from Lowes, and is what makes the ceiling of it all look pretty:)

To start:

  • Cut the wire to desired length

  •  Strip the wire

  •  Pull wire through the canopy

  •  Attach the wires from the light kit to the wires in the ceiling

  •  If theres a ground, attach the ground. Usually there will be a green screw to identify the ground.

 {this is the ground, ours did not have a green screw}

Please keep in mind that we are not electricians, so this is how we do it- but don’t come yelling if its different for you;)

We like the look of it, mostly. If we decide to keep this as the true light for the room we will end up painting the light kit part {the white part} and the metal basket the same color so it looks more like one piece. Originally we were thinking of doing a pendant light in there, and that might be what we end up with..but its hard to beat a light that was so easy AND cheap to make!

DIY metal basket light by Dream Book Design #diy #metallight

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