Vintage Pant Hangers

We finally got in the mail our vintage pant hangers and I am so excited! The only delay now is just waiting to have a mini photo shoot with the ever so talented Melissa Young. The photo shoot of Braylen and I was a blast, but we really want J in some of the photos! Once that shoot is done, we are going to choose 2-4 photos for the wall. I kind of want at least one of the hangers to have either a quote or verse hanging from it, but mainly photos. 

For those of you wondering what exactly these look like, here are some great examples:
The hangers are going to go on the walls beside the dresser/changing table:

The crib skirt fabric is also ordered, but unfortunately on back order until mid-July. It is honestly driving me nuts looking at the crib without a skirt. It makes everything look so bare! Soon enough though. Besides, baby boy isn’t even sleeping in his room yet, still with us! I’ll leave y’all with a quick shot of the little man in the Fathers Day card I made for J…pretty sure he was pooping in the last one;)


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    Gee, I still use those pants hangers, I didn’t know they were vintage. Also, crib skirts are some new invention of the last ten years. Getting any rest yet? Ann

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    Hello! I have a random baby related question for you when you get a free moment (ha!) What do braxton hicks contractions feel like? I’m about 30 weeks and I’m starting to feel a weird tightening of my uterus from time to time. It almost feels like the baby is pressing a foot against the wall of my uterus, but sometimes the sensation almost makes me feel a tiny bit sick and it can make it kind of hard to breath for a second. Just wondering if that’s just intense baby movement or something else. :)

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    Ann- that’s great that you still have some! I would love it of that’s what my pants were hung on! Getting some rest, he’s sleeping pretty well- as well as a 6week old can:) thanks!

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    Angy-he’s pretty cute in the photos right?!;)
    Brooke-for my BH I just felt a fairly intense tightening of my tummy. They or course got stronger the farther along I was. At first though I totally thought it was a butt or head or something just pressing really hard against my belly. Never made me feel sick though. Worried sick, but not sick;) as long as your not feeling the tightening more than 5ish times an hour, you should be fine. Hope that helps!

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    Oh that card is so so sweet, and I just love that last pic of him, yes, he really does look like he might be pooping. SO CUTE!

    I had clothes hangers like that as a girl. Didn’t appreciate them at all.

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