Nursery Book Shelves

For the longest time J and I couldn’t decide on exactly what type of book shelves we wanted for the nursery. I thought I wanted some sort of metal baskets, he wanted more on a self with a lip, and then one glorious day in Marshalls…we found them! For the metal baskets I had in mind, it would have required us to cut them to the correct size, while still paying full price for the baskets themselves. Marshalls had these perfect baskets for us, and we almost missed them. J said a lady followed him around the whole time he was there just waiting for him to put them down.

To start we simply measured the wall, and spaced the baskets out equally. We love using painters tape to do the markings:

When we bought them, one was black and one was a brushed metal-look, so we obviously needed to paint them.

We went with the brassiest {not sure that is even a word:)} spray paint we could find:

Nursery Book Shelves by Dream Book Design #nursery #bookshelves #diy

I want to add little tags in the slots but can’t decide what I want them to say. 1,2,3,etc, or should I have them have actual words? You tell me! Overall, I love the baskets! They hold a ton of books, but even so- if we get many more we wont have room! That’s one of the best problems I can think of having:)



  1. Brittany Smith says

    I love the metal baskets! Those are perfect for the space. For the tags I like the ideas above. A,B,C & 1,2,3 or I saw these somewhere- they are antique gym/school locker tags- it might be cool if you could find some with meaning (date of wedding?, date Braylen was born so #10 etc)

    good luck!

  2. says

    I have the same basket! I used it to demo a way to store diapers, then kept it. I’m planning to spray paint it a bright color and put it in the playroom to store coloring books! Fabulous idea! 😉

  3. says

    I think they’re super cool. I’d choose words that describe Bray, or describe how you feel about him for the tags. That way they’re all special. Love the wall color! What did you choose?

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