Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

So remember a few Design Inspiration Monday’s ago I showed off a photo full of beautiful gold mirrors..and I drooled over it?


Well J made my dreams come true…

Last week at an auction there was a set of 6 fabulous vintage mirrors up for bid, and we won them! We are not sure where they all are going to go yet, or in what fashion exactly we will use them, but we love them!

The sixth one is already up in its home, Braylen’s nursery! It is the only mirror that is a little damaged, but I loved it too much to not put it in his nursery. By having this mirror up now, it means all thats left is to recover the lampshade and label his bookshelves…and then, dare I say it-IT’S FINISHED! Woah!

I will match the paint and fix those spots that are white, but as for the part that is fully broken off, thats just how its going to be:) I know our nursery has taken forever to get finished, but I am totally ok with that. All the pieces have come together naturally, not with us rushing out buying things just to fill the room.

I prefer things that way, don’t you?


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