Midcentury Modern House Makeover Finale: Part Two- The Laundry Room

Two weeks ago I showed yall the incredible transformation of our best friends Midcentury Modern home here. Their main living area and exterior is perfection, so obviously its not a shock to me that even their freaking laundry room is rad. It’s not a huge room, and they had to make sure to keep the area by the door clear, but man did they make great use of the space. I’ll stop blabbing on and just show you. This was the room before they put their magic in to it:
Now it looks like this masterpiece:
I love that they were able to use the same countertops as in the kitchen, and keep the old original door. Old doors have the best character, don’t you agree?
I always love when people with impeccable taste don’t just have art and fancy objects, but also have their real life on display. This hallways shows off a little bit of the people they love, and love them back. Real life in a real home!

Wouldn’t you, dare I say it, actually enjoy doing laundry here? I am totally jealous of all the counter space they have there, on top of every other little detail. AND..the mail actually gets delivered in the mail slot in the door, old school amazing!

Tell me your thoughts? And while your at it, check out their store Modern Manor if you are loving their pieces in their home.


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    Yes, the room is beautifully done! However, I think I’m more impressed with the fact that she’s carrying a baby while remodeling her home AND wearing heels! Holy moly.

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