6 Month Baby Update

I literally cannot believe that Bray is already 1/2 a YEAR old! When did this happen? And more importantly, how can I slow it down? I know I have been saying it every month for the past few, but truly, this month has been the best month yet! SO much personality coming out, so much rolling, new skills, decent sitting, and far too many belly laughs to count. Here are some of the main things that have happened, and that I just want to remember for the future:)

  • We took him to the park for the first time {and many after that} this month. We put him in the baby swing and bunched up some blankets around him…and he loved it! Wouldn’t stop smiling and giggling  Have definitely done it a million times more, and cannot wait to do it even more now that its beautiful out!

  •  We celebrated Brays first Halloween! It was so fun taking him to a pumpkin patch with some of our best friends {and Brays BFF Sawyer} and then celebrating the night as Cowboys {and girl}

  • I planned my very first play group for Halloween! It was SO fun to see some girlfriends and their little cuties all dressed up. I see many more park dates in our future.

  • He has gotten pretty good at sitting up. He can do the ‘tripod’ sit really well, but a normal sit only lasts for about 30 seconds. I swear its his cloth diapers that are preventing him from being better at it;) But i’m also ok with him not being great at it yet, because I feel like him sitting really well will make him feel much less like a baby…

  •  A big milestone was giving him solids! We gave him some avocado mixed with breast milk the day after he turned six months! He wasn’t too sure about it

  •  It was a family affair feeding him:):) Please excuse the tired eyes, its was 7:30AM on a Sunday!

  •  His new move is hover planing.  He tries his hardest to scoot all over, and also lifts his legs and arms and just hovers! He totally gets frustrated that he can’t crawl yet!

  •  Even though I prefer running stroller free- I do love my running buddy! He is so awesome on runs, just chats to himself and looks around, while holding his toy. Rarely does he actually play with his toy, just likes to hold the rope its attached to;)

  •  This is a photo i’m not excited about, but it happens everyday, 10x a day!! Bray is obsessed with the dogs, and especially making out with them! The second they get even remotely close to him, he opens his mouth wide and sticks out his tongue..so gross!

  •  Random facts and fun:
  • Favorite game is Peek-a-boo
  • Moves and rolls all around in sleep without it waking him up! Finally, because last month it would totally disturb his sleep.
  • He is totally tickelish all over now, especially his feet. Loves when we bite at his feet the most!
  • LOVES grabbing faces and putting his hands in your mouth
  • Doesn’t like being held like a baby at all anymore. Tries to always sit himself up using his core!
  • Stands on his own as long as he has his hands on something like the couch or coffee table
  • My most favorite new thing he does this month- REACHES for us!!!! Whether its his jumping seat, highchair, or another persons arms, he reaches for Jeremy and I. We both absolutely adore it!!!!!


I cannot believe we have known you for 6 months now. You are the happiest, silliest, and sweetest boy ever. You are SO happy, until you’re not happy;) Thank you for always brightening our days no matter what. We love you and cannot wait for the next day,month,year with you. Love you chubs!



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    As long as your dog is not a poop eater, it’s probably okay. Also, Bray is building up antibodies. When he gets older, let him play in the dirt, (the sandbox at the park doesn’t count and is probably dirty). Kids who live in the country have been known to develop asthma Less than those in the city. The theory is that the dirt has Gram negative or positive organisms that they get used to and develop immunity. Asthma organisms are similar.
    Cute, fat little baby. How about a laughing video?

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