Happy 30th Birthday J

Sunday is my most favorite person in the entire worlds birthday..and its a big one, 3-0!! I have been thinking about this day of his for a long time, because even though its just ‘another’ year to him, its significant. Any time there is something significant going on, it makes me go through old photo’s and reminisce, which is why I am about to take y’all down a serious memory lane. Last Sunday also marked mine and Js 8th year of being together! Crazy! So, without further ado, get ready for some hideous awesome hairstyles and silly outfits, here is my love and I the past 8 years:

Our very first photo together, a Halloween party, and the night of our first kiss…after BOTH of our makeup was taken off:)

One of our very first times hanging out, clearly I thought he was incredible from the beginning  even though I made him work hard to get me on dates

I will cherish this bad photo forever. J got to know my precious GMA for a few months before she passed, and best of all- she totally loved him! So special that he knew her

 While dating we went to Hawaii twice. Since being married, we haven’t gone- somethings wrong here?!

 This was right after we got back together, after I broke up with him for about 7 months. The fact that he wanted anything to do with me and my pee-colored hair is amazing!

We rocked ugly Christmas sweaters pretty well, dont you think?!

 Please friends, take note of Js SERIOUS rat tail. It was gross and awesome!

At a Young Life camp right before we got engaged. Who knew that 5 years later that belly would be real;)

 At the YL camp, the morning after he proposed..luckiest girl in the world.

This man makes me laugh..every.day.

 The love I have for him, and the love he has for his Vespa is about equal;)

 Our fun Cancun honeymoon!

Trashing the Dress in Laguna

 Our very first babies, Honey and Boomer!

 Drinking tall boys in the alley…because everyone does this right?!

 New Years Eve..

 I am beyond blessed that every single year for the past 8 years I have been able to ring in my new year just like this…

Our first home…

Vacationing and relaxing..and wine. We love all these things

Recently we were at a marriage retreat of sorts and the wife said one of the things she loves most about her husband is that he gives her the platform to be able to do the things she loves most. Well, J does this so well for me. He lets {and loves when I do} me host any and all events at our home, opening it up constantly for things. What a man, he knows my heart!

And this is when he really won me over {like he hadn’t already;) }, he gave me our sweet and precious Braylen

He loves this boy like nothing else, and its totally mutual


Woah. It has been 8 years together, and I am still so lucky to be able to celebrate another Birthday of yours, a big one! You are without a doubt the biggest blessing in my life, more than I could ever have imagined. Its insane to think of life without you, unreal, not.an.option. You are my best friend.My heart. Thank you for loving me and Bray beyond what we could ask for. For loving us intentionally day in and day out. For working harder than anyone I know to make sure that we are always provided for, and to be able to help others. You have a heart of gold. A mind of a genius. And a body of a god…haha {I know you’ll hate me for saying that, but hey, its true for me!}





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    You were Young Life leaders?! So sweet. My husband and I are on a team together in our city. I’ve been reading (&loving) your blog for a year or so and had no idea! How fun 🙂 Actually, this is probably the first time I’ve commented in my year of stalking your blog, so I’ll just say– your blog is an absolute delight to read, and I loved seeing home #1 progress. Super excited to watch #2 unfold!

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      Thanks Emily! J was actually a volunteer leader for 7 years and on staff for 1 year. I never lead, because I was on Jr high staff at my church, but I went:) I’m glad you finally commented:):) we’re pumped about the new house-cant wait for everything to be 100% finalized so I can talk about it on here. Soon!

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