Packing and Moving Tips

We are in the middle of the packing frenzy, but I wanted to pop on in and share a few tips that we have learned along the way in this ordeal. Not gonna lie, the first five boxes of dishes I packed I didn’t do this way..and now my fingers are crossed they survive the move well.

Here is how we wrap and seal any item that is either glass, fragile, or needing to stay pristine:

  • White padding
  • Industrial size roll of plastic wrap

Each item we first wrap completely in the white padding:

Then we wrap the crap out of it in plastic wrap:

We got the massive roll of plastic wrap at Smart and Final for $13! We have wrapped everything {minus those first five boxes} in the wrap and so far we haven’t even used a whole roll yet! We got a storage Pod dropped off this past Friday, and are filling it up all week, until they pick it back up this weekend and store it for us until the house is ready. We are going to be living with Js parents for about a month while we get some major stuff done with the house, flooring, walls moving, etc.

We love having this storage pod here. It allows us to gradually fill it up with boxes and furniture as we go, instead of doing a mad rush one morning once the moving truck or Uhaul shows up. Heres the pod as of Sunday:

Yes, yes I do look this fabulous while moving;)

Having the padding, plastic wrap, and Pod have made all the difference for us. I am totally confident that through our meticulous packing, and Js meticulous organizing of boxes, that everything is going to arrive in perfect condition! Heres to a few more days of packing, and a few more days of soaking in everything about our first home together. Wish me luck to not cry everyday;)



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