7 Month Baby Update

I feel like I need to start this by saying that yes, I totally cheated. I added the wording on Picmonkey, but I have a valid excuse- I specifically packed chalk to bring to Js parents house so I could do his 7 month board, and then I couldn’t find it anywhere. But I must admit, it was e.a.s.y! We both cannot believe that our sweet boy is on the other side of the pendulum to turning a year. Crazy! Here are some of the fun things we have done this month:

  • Theres an awesome little park by my in-laws that is always deserted. Bray and I have loved going there. Clearly he just chills in the swing:)

What makes it even more fun is when my MIL is watching my nephew as well, cousin time is the best!

  •  We spent a lot of time this month taking in our ‘lasts’ with the old house. Especially spending time on the front porch. We miss that place already.

  • He drank from the sippy cup for the first time this month. Doesn’t always understand it, but is getting better at drinking from it everyday.

  • He celebrated his first Thanksgiving. He was so excited about it that he decided to completely skip his last nap;) He did love spending so much time with family though.

  • He also got to spend some quality time with my sisters sweet boy, another awesome cousin. This photo shoot was freaking hilarious. At first they were being all sweet smiling and holding each others hands {on their own will, best thing ever!!} but then Bray started to think his cuz was a toy, and kept crawling on top of him and yelling. We were all dying!
  •  This month he officially got TWO teeth in. Their were a pain in the butt coming in, but now that they are here..they are so adorable. The few bitings that have happened since though, not so adorable!
This was before they REALLY came in!
  • As usual, he loves his time with his daddy. The bond they have is too much for me to handle.

  • Speaking of bonds- this boy is so lucky to have such incredible grandparents. He loves spending time with his Nonni and GMA. And we feel so fortunate to have them close.

  • One unfortunate thing of this month is Braylen getting his first head cold. And it sucks, meaning he has had it since Saturday and its still going. We went to the doctor just to make sure there was nothing else going on, and fortunately there isn’t. Unfortunately, I am already doing everything I can to help, and it hasn’t helped too much yet:( He of course was as happy as can be at the doctors, and attempted to eat the paper 1,000 times.

  • The best thing of this month, enjoying the holidays with him. He is completely mesmerized by the tree and lights. Celebrating every holiday with him is way more fun than without him. Its like seeing it all through a new pair of eyes.

His favorite things this month are: bath time {always}, getting up on his knees attempting to crawl, eaing all sorts of foods { to date: apples, pears, bananas, prunes, sweet potatoes, peas, butternut squash, avocado}, and getting bounced or thrown around. We can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with him, and are super exctied for him to be able use his gifts. I am totally weak and have wanted to give him his presents for weeks already, but thankfully have restrained myself;)



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