Being Blessed By Strangers

Throughout the whole process of getting our new home, we have felt very blessed and guided. We had many reasons to believe that this was meant to be, and even more reason to be excited for what’s to come from this home. Then this happened. When had owned the home for about two weeks, when one night we went to check on the progress and found a gift at the front door. I automatically assumed either my parents dropped something off as a surprise, or that maybe a neighbor was welcoming us, but I was wrong! It was a gift from the previous owners, and it was beautiful.

I already drank the cider, whoops!

When we first opened the bag, we saw a bottle of sparkling cider, an ornament, and the DVD,which we thought were sweet, and then we saw the box of salt. Huh? Salt as a gift? That’s when we found the beautiful letter from them.

The fact that this home was not only a blessing to them personally, but also to the community, just made us so happy. We cannot wait to see just how much God is going to use this home to bless others {and us, which it already has!}

An update on whats going on with the house: Doors are being moved, taken out, and added. THE WALLS ARE ALMOST ALL SMOOTH. Yes, all caps were required on that! They all look so beautiful perfectly smooth. Including ceilings. Who knew ceilings that are perfectly smooth could make such a difference!? I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of updated photos of the progress. Its hard when I can’t take Bray there since the air is literally thick with drywall dust. Soon though, hopefully by next week it will be more settled.

I’ll leave you with some photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. These two days were completely magical, and we feel SO blessed by how much our family loved on Bray.

PS- Tomorrow I am going to be asking for some advice on counters…so please check back to help a sista out;)


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    That was a sweet gift from the old owners. We left a bottle of wine in the frig. when we moved, it was his birthday. And a note on the mirror with dry marker.Hoping they would love the home as much as we did. I have been showing everyone Bray’s Christmas photo with Santa. It is the cutest photo ever.

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