DIY Christmas Snow Globe:Anthropologie Knock Off

When Anthropologie came out with their incredible snow globes I knew I would have to make them at some point. They looked adorable, and seemed insanely easy to replicate…but for a whole lot cheaper!


Anthro sells all different sizes, but I knew I wanted a set of three, but did not want to pay the $96 it would cost from there.

On a beautifully cold day I made myself a delicious cup of hot chocolate, pulled out the supplies, and crafted away with Js mom and sister, all while Braylen napped perfectly. All that is true except for the last bit;) Here is what we started with:

  • Mason jars
  • Fake snow {or something of that sort}
  • Bottle brush trees
  • Fun extras {we used little pinecones, Christmas lights, and letters}

We used three sizes of jars for some variation. The process was the easiest thing ever. For some of the trees the jar wasn’t quite big enough, so I took off the bottom base:

Most worked well though, so all I had to do was glue the base to the bottom of the lid:

Some people chose to simply have loose snow floating around in the jar, but I wanted to make sure that my ‘ground’ was covered in snow at all times, so I glued it all around the bottom, and added just a little to the jar. You don’t want to add too much, otherwise it won’t float well, and it will cover anything you are trying to display in it.

  • Once the base of the tree is glued down, extras are added in, and snow is in, you simply screw your jar closed and flip it upside down. Easiest craft ever! Also, I added burlap and ribbon to the bottom of my jar, but that is totally not necessary if you don’t want to.

I made three different scenes:

three little trees for my family of three

Especially if you already have the jars, this craft can be done for very cheap. The trees were on sale at Michaels this week too, so go snatch yourself up some! Hope you enjoy this Anthro knock-off.


  1. Renee says

    I made those last year for Cates kids and Sharon’s of the kids photos glued to the bottom and laminated. The bummer part was anything that had color on it like the trees and a letter I put in there bled and made the water murky:( It was a total bummer, but once I put all things without color they didn’t do this. I even tried spraying them with sealer, but still made water murky

    • says

      I chose not to fill with water, just added a lot of fake snow in. Didnt want to worry about them lasting more than a year or two, so the no water thing makes that easy:)

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