6,7, and 8 Month Baby Favorites

Green Sprouts Silicone Freezer Tray– These are my most favorite trays for freezing Brays food when I make it in big batches. They can handle any temperature, are super flexible so the food pops out easily, and freeze the food in perfect 1oz. cube portions.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Soft Book- We are big fans of soft books right now. Really, any books are awesome, but I personally love the soft ones since Bray is in the habit of putting everything in his mouth. He loves the crinkle noises they make too.

Carlson Vitamin D3 Drops- I cannot say enough great things about these vitamin D drops. We have been giving these to Bray since he was just weeks old. Our pediatrician tried to give us these gross syrupy drops that were bright red, and expensive. Bray hated the way they tasted and tried to spit it out every time  which stained everything bright red…awesome. I researched and found these and haven’t looked back. He gets one drop a day {400iU} and we just went past the 1/2 mark in the bottle..it lasts forever! Best part, no color or taste! I used to put a drop either in his dreamfeed bottle when he was having that, then we he stopped that I put a drop a day in his food. You can also put a drop on your nipple while breastfeeding- these drops are awesome!

Joovy Spoon Walker- BEST THING EVER. Seriously guys- just get it! I know some people aren’t huge fans of walkers because they say it slows down their ability to learn to crawl and walk. I believe that is true if you literally keep your baby in it 24/7, but for a few minutes here and there- I would like to think were fine:) I love this one specifically because it is totally gender neutral, modern and clean looking, and has no gadgets attached. I like that the tray is just that, a tray. This way I can put different toys on the tray, finger foods, etc. and when hes finished, I simply can remove the tray and wash it.

Munchkin Straw Cup- I gave Bray normal sippy cups for awhile and he liked them fine. However, he never seemed to want to drink too much from them. The second he figured out how to use a straw {and it surprisingly only took about 3 times} he couldn’t drink the water fast enough. And even those these ones don’t have handles he grabs them great. {Note- we didn’t give him the straw sippys until he was 8 months, he got normal ones before that}

Baby Bjorn Bib- These bibs are lifesavers for meal times. As hard as I try to simply keep the food in Brays mouth, it still ends up everywhere- esp. since he is now trying out some finger foods. These bibs are great because they keep him completely clean and dry, where as cloth bibs are usually too small and water leaks through to his clothes. Best part of them- when hes finished I simply wash it off with warm soapy water and its good to go for the next meal! Love not having to wash three bibs a day!

Boogie Wipes- Ok, so this isn’t necessarily a 6-7-8 month specific need, just a snotty nose need. I always thought these were SUCH a joke, and just something else the store was trying to make you feel like you need. But let me say, if your baby is anything like mine, and gets a snotty runny nose every time he cuts a tooth- you want these. They are so soft and gentle, and the saline on them helps grab everything!

Boppy Shopping Cart Cover- This cover is great. Not only is it one of the cheaper options out there, but its easy to clean and has a soft book toy attached. It also has fit every cart I have tried it on! Love not having to worry about all the germs on the actual seat.

Vtech Move and Crawl Ball- We got this crawl ball for Christmas and Bray loves it. He is still only army crawling, but this definitely motivates him to get going. It has all the annoying things a parent like me hates- which means its one of Brays favorites;) It lights up and plays music, and when it doesn’t get touched for a little it moves itself around to encourage the baby to go after it.

These are some of the things that have enhanced these past three months for us. I hope these posts help any of you mamas out there wondering about the future. I personally love seeing ‘whats coming next’! I’ll leave you with an adorable photo the amazing Melissa Young Photography shot for us this weekend. Love my little man so much!


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    He is such a handsome guy. And as per usual, I’m off to buy things from your list. I hope these are affiliate links because I think I’ve bought something every time you post your picks. I already got the Joovy due to your recommendation. I’m off for the straw cups and vitamin d drops now. And maybe that book. Many o our board books are quite chewed upon already.

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    We have the crawl ball too… and my kiddos go crazy over it… my son is crawling really fast, and my daughter is more army crawling, but this totally helps her get going.
    I will also have to try the sippy cup with the straw… we are pretty good with Nuby sippy cups, but I would love it if they would use a straw 🙂

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    Thanks Angy- youll love the tips soon!:):)
    Kim- Thanks love! They are affiliate:) I love that it makes no difference in price to you, but helps the blog. Gotta love that! I love that Henry is loving the walker. Hope you like the rest.
    Megan- So fun that they are crawling!!!! Thats great that they like normal sippys. The thing I love about him liking the straw is that when we are out and about and I forget a cup for him I just grab a straw and put it in any cup and were good to go! Its super convenient!

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