Sleeping Baby Trumps Finished post

Yup. I have a ALMOST finished post waiting patiently on my MacBook, but I left my computer in Brays room. I attempted to sneak in there and grab it and instantly he started stirring and moving his arms, so naturally I hauled butt out of there without grabbing the computer. Needless to say, sleeping baby trumps a finished post

So, tomorrow I’ll have a fun little post for y’all, but for now-I guess i’ll just leave you with some photos of said sleeping baby attempting to get my phone. It’s like they are born knowing how great apple products are;)


  1. says

    Oh gosh, girl. I dot blame you in the least. We forgot to fill his humidifier yesterday and I debated whether to make my way in. Ugh. Let sleeping babies lie, they say.

    Also, Henry loves my iPhone too. Doesn’t take long, either.

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